A warm welcome to our freshmen! The orientation period has just begun and this is the time for you to get to know the campus and to meet your classmates. We are certain that you will soon settle into the new environment and make many new friends here. But if you are keen to read more about communication skills and tips on how to connect with people, these are the books that you may find interesting. Happy reading!

The body language handbook : how to read everyone’s hidden thoughts and intentions
BF637 N66 H332
Click : the magic of instant connections
BF511 B812
Click : the magic of instant connections – and how they can transform our work and relationships
BF531 B812
Communicating in groups : applications and skills
HM736 A214
Communication : making connections
P90 S461
Confidence and social skills
BF575 S39 J54
How to instantly connect with anyone
HM691 L919
Make yourself unforgettable : how to become the person everyone remembers and no one can resist
BF637 S8 M235

Desire to know the approach to love and relationships. Learn of people responses in giving and receiving love. Skillful communication is within your grasp! Happy reading!

Choices in relationships : an introduction to marriage and the family
HQ10 K74
Click : the magic of instant connections
BF511 B812
Family interaction : a multigenerational developmental perspective
HQ728 A549
How to create a magical relationship : the 3 simple ideas that will instantaneously transform your love life
HM1106 K16
How to simplify your love : a guide to a happier, more fulfilling relationship
BF575 L8 K97
Human relations
HF5549 D152
Human relations : principles and practices
HF5549.5 C35 R322
Intimate relationships
HQ10 M649
Intimate relationships : issues, theories, and research
BF575.I5 E65
Make yourself unforgettable : how to become the person everyone remembers and no one can resist
BF637 S8 M235
The rules of love : a personal code for happier, more fulfilling relationships
HM1106 T284
Why Mars & Venus collide : improving relationships by understanding how men and women cope differently with stress
HQ801 G779

Want to improve your interpersonal relationships with others? Improve your skill at interpersonal communication and you will reap the harvest in more successful work relationships. Find effective interpersonal communication tips and tools through these books.

The ape in the corner office : how to make friends, win fights, and work smarter by understanding human nature
HF5386.5 C752
Be big : step up, step out, be bold : daring to do our best work together
HM1166 K19
Beyond bullsh*t : straight-talk at work
HD30.3 C968
The charisma effect : how to make a powerful and lasting impression
BF697.5 S44 L528
Four secrets to liking your work : you may not need to quit to get the job you want
HD58.7 M994
Handbook of motivation and cognition across cultures
BF311 H236
Human relations : strategies for success
HF5548.8 L223
Jeffrey Gitomer’s little teal book of trust : how to earn it, grow it, and keep it to become a trusted advisor in sales, business, & life
HF5415.5 G536
People skills
HM1106 T474
Perfect phrases for dealing with difficult people : hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for handling conflict, confrontations, and challenging personalities
HM1166 B468
Reaching out : interpersonal effectiveness and self-actualization
HM1106 J66
Your attitude is showing : a primer of human relations
HF5548.8 O58