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Unanticipated events, especially extreme unanticipated events, can harm us or even destroy us. But they can also help us to grow and make us stronger. If they do the former, we tend to fear them and avoid them wherever possible….

Library@NYP‘s insight:

In this day and age, it is important for us to learn and grow from volatility and unexpected events by strengthening ourselves as a result of exposure and experience. In Nassim Nicolas Taleb’s latest book on Antifragility, we  learn the 7 system design principles that institutions can adopt to reduce the fragility of the current systems. Many government and educational institutions have been designed as ‘push systems’ that tend to do well in stable times but poorly during uncertain times and rapid changes. Taleb also lays down 12 strategies for antifragility that individuals or institutions can pursue in order to thrive in these challenging times. 

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