In the world of super heroes, you can let your imagination run wild with the aliens, mutants and super-soldiers! Check out this week’s special edition of graphic novels and catch the amazing super heroes in action! Happy reading!

The amazing Spider-Man fights substance abuse
PN6728 S6 A489
Astonishing X-men. Children of the Brood
PN6728 X2 G132
Avengers prime
PN6728 A9 B458
Batman : gates of Gotham
PN6728 B36 H636
Captain America. Man out of time
PN6728 C35 W138
Daredevil : the man without fear!. Ultimate collection
PN6728 D33 B886
G.I. Joe. Cobra. Serpent’s coil
PN6728 G2 C837
Ghost Rider ultimate collection
PN6728 G46 G427
Hulk. World war Hulks
PN6728 H8 L825
Iron Man 2.0. [ Vol. 2], Asymmetry
PN6728 I76 S745
War of the Green Lanterns. Aftermath
PN6728 G74 B399
PN6728 W5984 R911