September 2012

Come, combines fun and easy-to-follow dance steps to help you dance to the perfect body. Enjoy these workouts to get fit and fabulous !

Aerobics today
RA781.15 C349
Dance your way to fitness
RA781.15 B647
Fitness aerobics
RA781.15 B849
Fitness through aerobics
RA781.15 B622
Fitness through aerobics and step training
RA781.15 M477
Line dancing and other folk dances
GV1768 S887
Wii fitness for dummies
RA781.6 L832
Zumba : ditch the workout, join the party! : the zumba weight loss program
RA781.15 P438

If you think you can’t draw, you are not alone. Drawing does not have to be complicated or intimidating at all. Keep an open mind about it and give it a try. Pick up a pencil, a piece of paper and start to draw or sketch things you see around you. Start with a small or a simple object. Don’t judge your drawing or be too critical about it. You will find that the less you think about it, the better you get. Most important thing is to draw something and have fun. You can learn more tips and techniques on drawing from these books. Happy drawing!

Bridgman’s complete guide to drawing from life
NC760 B852
Cartoon cute animals : how to draw the most irresistible creatures on the planet
NC1764.8 A54 H325
Complete guide to life drawing
NC765 B199
Dogs & cats : learn to draw step by step
NC890 S775
Drawing baby animals
NC890 S643
Drawing concepts : [a complete guide to essential drawing techniques and fundamentals]
NC890 D767
Drawing lifelike subjects : [a complete guide to rendering flowers, landscapes, and animals]
NC890 D767
Drawn in : a peek into the inspiring sketchbooks of 44 fine artists, illustrators, graphic designers, and cartoonists
NC53 R846
Goblinoids : how to draw and paint goblins, orcs and other dark creatures
NC825 F25 P985
The head : learn the classical approach to drawing the human head step by step
NC890 R738
How to draw and battle aliens invasions
NC1764 P462
How to draw animals step by step
NC765 H847
How to draw the human body step by step
NC765 H847
Sketch fantasy art : a draw-inside step-by-step sketchbook
NC825 F22 S627
Sketch funny faces : a draw-inside step-by-step sketchbook
NC770 S627
Stan Lee’s How to draw comics
NC1764 L481

In the world of super heroes, you can let your imagination run wild with the aliens, mutants and super-soldiers! Check out this week’s special edition of graphic novels and catch the amazing super heroes in action! Happy reading!

The amazing Spider-Man fights substance abuse
PN6728 S6 A489
Astonishing X-men. Children of the Brood
PN6728 X2 G132
Avengers prime
PN6728 A9 B458
Batman : gates of Gotham
PN6728 B36 H636
Captain America. Man out of time
PN6728 C35 W138
Daredevil : the man without fear!. Ultimate collection
PN6728 D33 B886
G.I. Joe. Cobra. Serpent’s coil
PN6728 G2 C837
Ghost Rider ultimate collection
PN6728 G46 G427
Hulk. World war Hulks
PN6728 H8 L825
Iron Man 2.0. [ Vol. 2], Asymmetry
PN6728 I76 S745
War of the Green Lanterns. Aftermath
PN6728 G74 B399
PN6728 W5984 R911

6 secrets to startup success
HD62.5 B798
Beyond the lean revolution
HD58.8 N688
HD53 K96
Creative leadership
HD57.7 P977
High performance companies
HD30.28 P191
Inside the leader’s mind
HD57.7 M527
Knowledge works
HD30.2 W773
HM1261 G575
Lean Six Sigma
HD62.15 S525
Steal these ideas!
HF5415 C747
Supervision in coaching
HF5549.5 C53 S959
The art of leadership
BF637 L4 M283
The culture cycle
HD58.7 H584
The future of lean sigma thinking in a changing business environment
HD62.15 R725
The plugged-in manager
HD58.9 G854
The power of loyalty
HF5415.525 B873
Thinking backwards
HD30.29 H112
Who killed creativity?
LB1062 G761
HD69 B7 M695
Winning at innovation
HD45 T821

Explore the world! Get travel inspiration from these resources and begin planning for your memorable trips. Have a great holiday !

100 hotels & resorts : destinations that lift the spirit
NA7800 O58
100 journeys for the spirit
G465 O58
Dream destinations
G465 G162
Dream routes of the world
G465 D771
Fodor’s 535 best beaches
GB451.2 F653
The rough guide to travel with babies & young children
G151 F819
Worldwide destinations casebook : the geography of travel and tourism
G155 A1 B715
Worldwide destinations : the geography of travel and tourism
G155 A1 B715