August 2012


Feeling the Monday blues? Well, we have something better for you. We have got all things blue instead of the Monday blues. I’m sure these will lighten up your days and drive away any blues you are feeling. Who says we need to beat the blues? Now you can read it. Enjoy!

The art of DreamWorks Megamind : bad, brilliant, blue
NC1766 U53 V945
The blue demon
Blue skies & black olives : a survivor’s tale of housebuilding and peacock chasing in Greece
DF78 H928
Breaking up blues : a guide to survival and growth
HQ801 C967
Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon cookbook : better home cooking
TX715 B868
The concise blue book of French verbs
PC2272 S857
Dividends still don’t lie : the truth about investing in blue chip stocks and winning in the stock market
HG4661 W951
Man with a blue scarf : on sitting for a portrait by Lucian Freud
ND1329 F74 G286
School blues
PQ2676 E525 P412
Thrive : finding happiness the Blue Zones way
BF575 H27 B928
True blue
The world of Smurfs : a celebration of tiny blue proportions
PN6790 B43 M435