Although we try not to judge a book by its cover, but you have to admit that it’s more interesting to pick out good reads with truly tempting covers! This week, we put together a list of books with something pink on the covers. You may ask why the colour pink, well… pink is the colour of joy and happiness, and it happens to be my favourite colour! Have fun reading something pink!

Babycakes covers the classics
RM237.86 M155
Becoming Scarlett
Bleeding hearts
Blog, podcast, Google, sell : the complete guide to making online profit
HF5415.1265 N854
Bone appetit
Cupcake love
TX771 C596
Glitter artistry : bags, tags & cards
TT870 T849
The little best dress : make the perfect little dress for a BIG occasion
TT562 H524
Paper creations : cards and gifts
TT870 B584
Pink ladies & crimson gents : portraits and legends of 50 roses
SB411.6 G558
Sew step by step
TT705 S642