May 2012

We love to play the great detective now and then, and there’s nothing like curling up with a good book! Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell, J.D. Robb and Iris Johansen are my personal favourites when it comes to crime fiction. If you love the good old-fashioned mystery, pick up one of these books and step into the world of crime and suspense. Happy reading!

206 bones
An Aegean prophecy
The Baker Street letters
Blood and honey
Blood hunt
Cut to black
Death and the maiden
Death row
The impossible dead
Murder in the ashram
Saints of New York
The year of confusion : a mystery

No more regrets! Shift perspective and see the world differently. Laugh more, love more, play more. Have positive emotions. Let go of unrealistic expectations. Learn how to accept life as it actually is instead of what you think it should be. Browse through these books for suggestions to being happy and living your best life!

The age of absurdity : why modern life makes it hard to be happy
BF575 H27 F663
Being happy : you don’t have to be perfect to lead a richer, happier life
BF637 S8 B456
Brilliant positive psychology : what makes us happy, optimistic and motivated
BF204.6 S938
Even happier : a gratitude journal for daily joy and lasting fulfillment
BF575 G68 B474
Flourish : a new understanding of happiness and well-being–and how to achieve them
BF204.6 S465
Happiness genes : unlock the positive potential hidden in your DNA
BF575 H27 B163
The life book : laugh more, love more, play more, earn more
BJ1470 G891
No more regrets! : 30 ways to greater happiness and meaning in your life
BF575 R33 M942
Positive psychology
BF204.6 B348
Positive psychology : the science of happiness and human strengths
BF204.6 C311
Thrive : finding happiness the Blue Zones way
BF575 H27 B928
Zany, zeal, zeat and zing : the z way to happiness
BF575 H27 Z21

Can good food be tasty healthy meals? Most certainly! Why not try some of these recipes? Enjoy the wholesome good food and share the healthy meals with your families and friends.

200 healthy feasts
TX741 M117
Clean up your diet : change the way you eat
RM216 T659
Color me vegan : maximize your nutrient intake and optimize your health by eating antioxidant-rich, fiber-packed, color-intense meals that taste great
TX392 P314
Family circle healthy family dinners : more than 200 good-for-you recipes
TX737 F198
Fresh & easy meals
TX741 F885
Garden fresh meals : more than 200 delicious recipes for enjoying produce at its just-picked peak
TX714 G218
In the green kitchen : techniques to learn by heart
TX741 W329
Mr. Sunday’s soups
TX757 W191

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