April 2012

Looking forward to a healthier workforce! Practice communicates appreciation and encouragement to employees which leads to higher level of job satisfaction and healthier relationships between managers and employees.

The 5 languages of appreciation in the workplace : empowering organizations by encouraging people
HF5549.5 M63 C466
The daily carrot principle : 365 ways to enhance your career & life
HF5549.5 M63 G682
Do more great work : stop the busywork, start the work that matters
HF5549.5 J63 B942
Effective coaching
HF5549.5 C53 C771
A guide to non-cash reward
HF5549.5 I5 R797
How to motivate people
HF5549.5 M63 F735
Hundred percenters : challenge your employees to give it their all, and they’ll give you even more
HF5549.5 M63 M978
The invisible employee : using carrots to see the hidden potential in everyone
HF5549.5 M63 G682
Linchpin : are you indispensable?
HF5549.5 M63 G585
Super staying power : what you need to become valuable and resilient at work!
HF5549.5 M63 S458
The talent management handbook : creating a sustainable competitive advantage by selecting, developing, and promoting the best people
HF5549.5 C35 T143
The truth about talent : a guide to building a dynamic workforce, realizing potential and helping leaders succeed
HF5549.5 M63 D256

What does it take to be a confident student? How to develop effective learning habits? How to be an active learner? How to manage your time more efficiently? Learn all these essential study skills and achieve your goals. Happy learning!

Academic transformation : the road to college success
LB2395 S467
Baillière’s study skills for nurses and midwives
RG950 B157
The Confident student
LB2395 K16
The everything guide to study skills
LB1049 M942
How to study in college
LB2395 P323
Keys to effective learning : study skills and habits for success
LB2395 C323
P.O.W.E.R. learning and your life : essentials of student success
LB2343.3 F312
Study skills : do I really need this stuff?
LB2395 P676
Study skills for dummies
LB1049 D812
Study skills for nursing and healthcare students
LB2395 C874
Study skills for science, engineering and technology students
Q181 M217
The ultimate study skills handbook
LB2395 U47

We know it’s not easy being a teenager even under the best conditions. Fret not! Read these books and pick up some down-to-earth advice on how to embrace challenges and overcome obstacles in life. Happy reading!

21st century skills : learning for life in our times
LA217.2 T829
How to save your own life : 15 lessons on finding hope in unexpected places
BF575 H27 G475
Keys to effective learning : study skills and habits for success
LB2395 C323
Keys to success : building analytical, creative, and practical skills
LB2343.32 C323
Life coaching for dummies
BF637 P36 P985
Life skills for the 21st century : building a foundation for success
HQ2037 W436
More show me how : everything we couldn’t fit in the first book
HQ2037 F153
Organise yourself
HD69 T54 C373
P.O.W.E.R. learning and your life : essentials of student success
LB2343.3 F312
Professionalism : skills for workplace success
HF5381.6 A547
Reinvention : how to make the rest of your life the best of your life
BF637 S4 T761
The truth about getting more done
BF503 F919

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