If you believe in the good old saying that “laughter is the best medicine”, then don’t wait, pick up one of these books. Discover ways to add more humour to your life and improve your happiness quotient! Happy reading!

The 100 simple secrets of happy people : what scientists have learned and how you can use it
BF575 H27 N734
14,000 things to be happy about : the happy book
B187 H3 K57
5 very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth : (and other useful guides)
PN6728 O28 I57
Be my baby : on the road to fatherhood
HQ756 H927
The best political cartoons of the year
NC1449 M3 B561
Bridge hands to make you laugh– and cry
GV1282.3 B618
Friends are everything
BJ1533 F8 F911
Half empty
PN6165 R162
He just thinks he’s not that into you : the insanely determined girl’s guide to getting the man she wants
PN6231 M45 W614
It looked different on the model : epic tales of impending shame and infamy
PS3614 O785 N899
Live, laugh, celebrate
GT3932 P967
Who cloned my cat? : fun adventures in biotechnology
TP248.215 R414