March 2012

Dear Library Users,

 NYP Library will close at 4 pm on 30 March 2012 (Friday) for a NYP event.

 Normal operating hours will resume from 31 March 2012 (Sat).

 We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

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If you believe in the good old saying that “laughter is the best medicine”, then don’t wait, pick up one of these books. Discover ways to add more humour to your life and improve your happiness quotient! Happy reading!

The 100 simple secrets of happy people : what scientists have learned and how you can use it
BF575 H27 N734
14,000 things to be happy about : the happy book
B187 H3 K57
5 very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth : (and other useful guides)
PN6728 O28 I57
Be my baby : on the road to fatherhood
HQ756 H927
The best political cartoons of the year
NC1449 M3 B561
Bridge hands to make you laugh– and cry
GV1282.3 B618
Friends are everything
BJ1533 F8 F911
Half empty
PN6165 R162
He just thinks he’s not that into you : the insanely determined girl’s guide to getting the man she wants
PN6231 M45 W614
It looked different on the model : epic tales of impending shame and infamy
PS3614 O785 N899
Live, laugh, celebrate
GT3932 P967
Who cloned my cat? : fun adventures in biotechnology
TP248.215 R414

Pick up this hobby as a fantastic way to preserve your memories and family history. Create beautiful album with different crafting materials and techniques. Share them with family and friends. Have fun!

1,000 artist journal pages : personal pages and inspirations
TR465 S683
365 days of scrapbooking ideas
TT870 T531
Collaborative art journals and shared visions in mixed media
TR465 L948
Digital scrapbooking for dummies
TR465 W768
The journal junkies workshop : visual ammunition for the art addict
TT157 S425
TR465 W932
True vision : authentic art journaling
TR465 L948
Visual chronicles : the no-fear guide to creating art journals, creative manifestos, & altered books
TT157 W895

What’s your plan for the long vacation break? Why not spend this week reading Tom Clancy’s books and discover the exciting thrillers. If you have been a Tom Clancy fan, take this time to rediscover the exciting stories. “Hunt for red October”, “Clear and present danger”, “Executive orders”, “Dead or alive” and many more titles. Happy reading!

The bear and the dragon
Clear and present danger
Dead or alive
Executive orders
The hunt for Red October
Rainbow six
Red rabbit
The teeth of the tiger

The International Women’s Day is here again! Be inspired to take charge of your life and become a happier and stronger woman. This week, we have selected books that will give you a total makeover from the mind, body to finances. Happy reading!

Botanical medicine for women’s health
RC48.6 R766
Break your own rules : how to change the patterns of thinking that block women’s paths to power
HD6054.3 F648
Contemporary women’s health : issues for today and the future
RA778 K81
Crafting a business : making money doing what you love
HD62.5 F553
Earn, spend, save : the savvy guide to a richer, smarter, debt-free life
HG179 V527
The equality illusion : the truth about women and men today
HQ1155 B219
Fashion for dummies
TT507 M381
The health secrets handbook
RA778 A2 F645
Her place at the table : a woman’s guide to negotiating five key challenges to leadership success
HD6054.3 K81
Ultimate you : a 4-phase total body makeover for women who want maximum results
GV482 D745
A woman’s guide to successful negotiating : how to convince, collaborate, & create your way to agreement
BF637 N4 M648
Women’s global health and human rights
RA778 W872