Are you feeling stressed out? You have tonnes of assignments to be done, projects to be completed and exams period is approaching too. If you do stressful, the easiest thing to do is to take a break from your busy daily routine. Take a short break, forget about all the things you need to do but do something relaxing. Do something you enjoy. You can meet up with a few good friends for a cup of coffee, watch a comedy, read a story book, go for a swim or go for a jog. You will be surprise that a quick break goes a long way. If you need more ideas to help you de-stress, you may find these books interesting. And most important of all, don’t forget to eat well and rest well too. Happy reading and take care!

365 ways to reduce stress : everyday tips to help you relax, rejuvenate, and refresh
RA785 A221
The art of concentration : enhance focus, reduce stress and achieve more
RA785 G849
Beat stress and fatigue : the drug-free guide to de-stressing and raising your energy levels
RA785 H729
Brilliant stress management : how to manage stress in any situation
BF575 S75 C622
Comprehensive stress management
BF575 S75 G798
Coping with stress in a changing world
BF575 S75 B654
Coping with work stress : a review and critique
HF5548.85 D516
Essentials of managing stress
RA785 S442
How to deal with stress
RA785 P175
Overcoming anxiety for dummies
BF575 A6 E46
Practical stress management : a comprehensive workbook for managing change and promoting health
RA785 R761
The worry solution : using breakthrough brain science to turn stress and anxiety into confidence and happiness
RA785 R837