Ever wonder about the origins of mouth-watering Chinese dishes? Read these books and discover the symbolic meaning of food served during traditional festivals.Find out how Chinese food and culture are inextricably linked and of course, try the recipes and cook up a feast for this Lunar New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

100 quick stir-fry recipes
TX689.5 H763
Complete Chinese cookbook
TX724.5 C5 H763
Dim sum kitchen
TX724.5 C5 D582
Dim sum : traditional favourites and innovative creations
TX724.5 C5 C454
Exploring traditional Chinese festivals in China
GT4883 G292
A taste of home : home-cooked Chinese meals to share with family and friends
TX724.5 C5 L583
A tradition of soup : flavors from China’s Pearl River Delta
TX757 C518
A wok through time
TX724.5 C5 L583