Be fascinated by the world of biometrics! How to identify humans based on unique physical characteristics and traits? Browse through these books to glimpse the various aspects of biometrics in this week’s selection.

Advanced pattern recognition technologies with applications to biometrics
TK7882 B56 A244
Behavioral biometrics : a remote access approach
TK7882 B56 R453
Behavioral biometrics for human identification : intelligent applications
TK7882 B56 B419
Biometrics for dummies
TK7882 B56 G823
Biometrics : theory, methods, and applications
QH323.5 B615
Handbook of remote biometrics : for surveillance and security
TK7882 B56 H236
Security and access control using biometric technologies
TK7882 B56 N554
Vein pattern recognition : a privacy-enhancing biometric
TK7882 B56 W747