November 2011

It is said that we are what we eat. Understanding the food we eat and the nutritional value of the food we eat, hence, are important to us. This week, we have selected books specifically focusing on this topic. Cheers to good health and happy reading.

Contemporary nutrition
QP141 W266
The everything guide to nutrition : all you need to keep you–and your family–healthy
RA784 C811
Human nutrition
RC620 H763
Nutrition & diet therapy
RM216 R845
Nutrition made incredibly easy!
RM216 M388
Nutrition now
QP141 B878
Nutritional foundations and clinical applications : a nursing approach
RM216 G873
Taking sides. Clashing views in food and nutrition
RA784 T136

Billions of entrepreneurs : how China and India are reshaping their futures and yours
HF3836.5 K45
Chinovation : how Chinese innovators are changing the world
HB615 T161
Discover your leadership style
HM1261 C529
Effective people management
HF5549 W452
Governance, risk management, and compliance : it can’t happen to us
HD2741 S819
Harvard business review on building better teams
HD66 H339
Harvard business review on collaborating effectively
HD58.9 H339
Harvard business review on finding & keeping the best people
HF5549.5 R44 H339
Harvard business review on inspiring and executing innovation
HD58.8 H339
Harvard business review on rebuilding your business model
HD30.28 H339
HBR’s 10 must reads : on change
HD58.8 H431
HBR’s 10 must reads : the essentials
HD31 H431
HBR’s 10 must reads on leadership
HD57.7 H431
HBR’s 10 must reads on strategy
HD30.28 H431
Make talent your business
HF5549.12 A969
Metaphors we lead by : understanding leadership in the real world
HM1261 M587
Strategic leadership : how to think and plan strategically and provide direction
HD57.7 A191
Succeeding in the project management jungle
HD69 P75 R962
The improvisation edge : secrets to building trust and radical collaboration at work
HD66 H838
What’s holding you back? : ten bold steps that define gutsy leaders
HD30.23 H538

What is medicinal chemistry? Explore these comprehensive sources on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery to find out more about the challenges and developments. Happy reading!

Burger’s medicinal chemistry, drug discovery and development
RS403 B954
Fluorine in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology
QD412 F1 F646
Foye’s principles of medicinal chemistry
RS403 F796
An introduction to medicinal chemistry
RS403 P314
Medicinal chemistry
RS403 A285
Medicinal chemistry of anticancer drugs
RC271 C5 A951
Metabolism, pharmacokinetics and toxicity of functional groups : impact of the building blocks of medicinal chemistry on ADMET
RM301.5 M587
The practice of medicinal chemistry
RS403 P895

Title: Succeed on your own terms by Herb Greenberg and Patrick Sweeney
Call number: BJ1611.2 G798
Location: L4 Centre Wing Lifestyle Shelves

Reviewed by: Agnes Liew (Librarian)

Imagine if you were blind, what do you think you would do? Do you think you would still have the drive to beat the odds and be successful? Herb Greenberg did just that. His blindness did not deter him, instead, he believed in his abilities. He obtained his Ph.D. and eventually became the founder, CEO of an international consulting firm.

In this book “Succeed on your own terms”, Herb Greenberg and the co-author Patrick Sweeney, collected a series of inspiring stories of many individuals, each with a different success story to share. In Part II of the book, you can easily select the chapters by qualities including perseverance, resilience, patience, confidence, passion and integrity, to name a few examples.

The book also highlighted one of the important factors: you have to define what success means to you.

I’m sure you will enjoy reading all the different stories, as they are not just inspiring but equally interesting too. Not surprisingly, this book is listed as one of the top ten titles of the month.

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