What is your passion? What drives you? What makes you feel energized and full of zest? Perhaps there are times when we get so busy with all the daily routines and forget who we really are and our passion. We hope these books will help you rediscover yourself and bring back the zest in you.

A compass to fulfillment : passion and spirituality in life and business
BF637 S8 I35
The element : how finding your passion changes everything
BF637 S4 R662
The life book : laugh more, love more, play more, earn more
BJ1470 G891
The power
BF611 B995
The power of purpose : find meaning, live longer, better
BF637 C5 L527
Sort your life out : a 21-day programme to help you create the life you want
BF637 S4 C678
Thrive : finding happiness the Blue Zones way
BF575 H27 B928
Wellbeing : the five essential elements
HN25 R234