October 2011

The innovation secrets of Steve Jobs : insanely different
HF5415.153 G172
Killer brands : create and market a brand that will annihilate the competition
HD69 B7 L265
Overload! : how too much information is hazardous to your organization
HD30.2 S759
Intelligent mentoring : how IBM creates value through people, knowledge, and relationships
HD9696.2 I54 M984
Inside Steve’s brain
HF5386 K12
Brand atlas : branding intelligence made visible
HD69 B7 W562
Repositioning : marketing in an era of competition, change, and crisis
HF5827.2 T861
Flexibility : flexible companies for the uncertain world
HD58.8 E12
Austerity business : 39 tips for doing more with less
HD58.7 P913
HBR’s 10 must reads on managing people
HF5549.12 H431
Harvard business review on thriving in emerging markets
HF1413 H339
Harvard business review on making smart decisions
HD30.23 H339
Productivity & business success
HD56 F363
Innovative corporate performance management : five key principles to accelerate results
HD58.9 P153
Never by chance : aligning people and strategy through intentional leadership
HD30.28 C163
Scenario planning in organizations : how to create, use, and assess scenarios
HD30.28 C521
The brutal truth about Asian branding and how to break the vicious cycle
HD69 B7 B171
Agile career development : lessons and approaches from IBM
HF5381 B725
Knowledge management for process, organizational and marketing innovation
HD30.2 K73
Doing qualitative research : a practical handbook
H62 S587

Interested to know about VoIP network? What are the challenges of integrating a voice and data network? Browse through these books to find out more.

Building enterprise-ready telephony systems with sipXecs 4.0 : leveraging open source VoIP for a rock-solid communications system
TK5105.8865 P592
Building telephony systems with OpenSIPS 1.6 : build scalable and robust telephony systems using SIP
TK5105.8865 G635
IMS : a new model for blending applications
TK5105.8865 W973
Inter-asterisk exchange (IAX) deployment scenarios in SIP-enabled networks
TK5105.8865 B752
IP telephony : deploying VoIP protocols and IMS infrastructure
TK5105.8865 H572
The Nexus One pocket guide
TK5105.885 G66 O35
The road to IP Telephony : how Cisco Systems migrated from PBX to IP Telephony
TK5105.8865 C276
SIP trunking
TK5105.8865 H366

“Psychology” as noted in the Oxford dictionary, is defined as “the scientific study of human mind and its function” or “the mental characteristics or attitude of a person”. Human mind is indeed a fascinating organ. It defines who we are. These books provide the key concepts, issues relating to the subject and also some case studies. We hope they will come in handy to you in your course of study or if you are just keen to learn more about this subject.

Creative concepts in psychology : an activity and case-based approach
BF121 G624
Essentials of Psychology
BF121 B531
Introduction to psychology : gateways to mind and behavior
BF121 C775
BF121 C568
BF121 N158
BF121 P974
Psychology : a framework for everyday thinking
BF121 P974
Psychology and life
BF121 G378
Psychology : concepts & connections
BF121 R235
Psychology : modules for active learning
BF121 C775
Psychology : themes and variations
BF121 W434
BF121 P974

Stay calm and healthy … learn about relaxation techniques that help you to relax, relieve and reduce stress. Enjoy your reading!

365 ways to reduce stress : everyday tips to help you relax, rejuvenate, and refresh
RA785 A221
The art of concentration : enhance focus, reduce stress and achieve more
RA785 G849
Beat stress and fatigue : the drug-free guide to de-stressing and raising your energy levels
RA785 H729
Controlling stress and tension
RA785 G524
Essentials of managing stress
RA785 S442
How to deal with stress
RA785 P175
Payne’s handbook of relaxation techniques : a practical guide for the health care professional
RA785 P346
Practical stress management : a comprehensive workbook for managing change and promoting health
RA785 R761
Relax and unwind with yoga
RA781.7 S243
The self-healing handbook : using the power of breath to heal, relax and raise your consciousness
RM733 A584
The stress and mood management program for individuals with multiple sclerosis : therapist guide
RC535 M699
Stress consequences : mental, neuro psychological and socioeconomic
RC455.4 S87 S915

What is your passion? What drives you? What makes you feel energized and full of zest? Perhaps there are times when we get so busy with all the daily routines and forget who we really are and our passion. We hope these books will help you rediscover yourself and bring back the zest in you.

A compass to fulfillment : passion and spirituality in life and business
BF637 S8 I35
The element : how finding your passion changes everything
BF637 S4 R662
The life book : laugh more, love more, play more, earn more
BJ1470 G891
The power
BF611 B995
The power of purpose : find meaning, live longer, better
BF637 C5 L527
Sort your life out : a 21-day programme to help you create the life you want
BF637 S4 C678
Thrive : finding happiness the Blue Zones way
BF575 H27 B928
Wellbeing : the five essential elements
HN25 R234