August 2011


Swimming is one of the favourite exercises for most age groups. It promotes fitness, self-improvement and good health. Master your swimming skills, be it for fitness swimming or championship swimming.

Championship swimming : how to improve your technique and swim faster in thirty days or less
GV837.7 M143
Complete conditioning for swimming
GV837.7 S173
Fitness swimming
GV837.7 H662
Get fit swimming
GV837 J91
Janet Evans’ total swimming
GV837.7 E92
Mastering swimming
GV837 M787
GV837 S977
Swimming : steps to success
GV837 T455

Whether you are an experienced investor or amateur, there is always an element of risk in investment. Browse through the collection to equip yourself with the fundamentals of investment and related information in this field.

ActiveBeta indexes : capturing systematic sources of active equity returns
HG4636 A188
Buffett beyond value : why Warren Buffett looks to growth and management when investing
HG4521 J25
Common sense on mutual funds
HG4530 B675
Debunkery : learn it, do it, and profit from it– seeing through Wall Street’s money-killing myths
HG4521 F534
The Financial Times guide to investing : the definitive companion to investment and the financial markets
HG4515 A754
Focus on personal finance : an active approach to help you develop successful financial skills
HG179 K17
Fundamentals of investments : valuation and management
HG4521 J82
Introduction to investments
HG4521 M473
The little book of bulletproof investing : do’s and don’ts to protect your financial life
HG4521 S819
Probable outcomes : secular stock market insights
HG4551 E13
Running money : professional portfolio management
HG4529.5 S851
Supercycles : the new economic force transforming global markets and investment strategy
HG4521 M918

Browse through this week’s selection to learn about food allergies, their adverse health effects, and get tips on how to prevent or treat them and more … Enjoy!

Allergen management in the food industry
RC596 A434
Chemical and biological properties of food allergens
RC596 C517
The everything food allergy cookbook : prepare easy-to-make meals – without nuts, milk, wheat, eggs, fish or soy
RC588 D53 L336
Flourishing with food allergies : social, emotional, and practical guidance for families with young children
RC596 A545
Food allergy : adverse reactions to foods and food additives
RC596 F686
Food hypersensitivity : diagnosing and managing food allergies and intolerance
RC596 F686
Management of food allergens
RC596 M266
Tree nuts : composition, phytochemicals, and health effects
TX399 T786