July 2011

This week, we like to highlight books on digital signal processing. Learn more about its fundamental and advanced theory, and related applications. Happy reading!

Advanced signal processing : theory and implementation for sonar, radar, and non-invasive medical diagnostic systems
TK5102.9 A244
Digital signal processing : everything you need to know to get started
TK5102.9 P238
The digital signal processing handbook
TK5102.9 D574
Digital signal processing : instant access
TK5102.9 B865
OFDM for optical communications
TK5103.592 F52 S555
Signal and power integrity–simplified
TK5102.9 B674
Signals and systems using MATLAB
TK5102.9 C462
Understanding digital signal processing
TK5102.9 L991

Different techniques and software are used for 3D animation. This week, we have selected some books featuring the various approaches for your exploration.

3ds Max 2011 bible
TR897.7 M974
Beginning Blender : open source 3D modeling, animation, and game design
TR897.7 F588
Creating a 3D animated CGI short : the making of The Autiton Archives : fault effect, pilot webisode
TR897.7 S285
The essential guide to 3d in Flash
TK5105.8885 F59 B328
How to cheat in 3ds Max 2011 : get spectacular results fast
TR897.7 B777
Hybrid animation : integrating 2D and 3D assets
TR897.7 O36
Photoshop 3D for animators
TK5105.8885 A38 E48
Rendering with mental ray and 3ds Max
T385 S814

What is organic chemistry? What do we know about organic compounds? How are these affecting us and our environment? These are some books that will give you an overview on the subject.Happy reading!

Fundamentals of organic chemistry
QD251.3 M168
General, organic, and biological chemistry
QD33.2 S874
Introduction to general, organic and biochemistry
QD33 I61
Introduction to organic chemistry
QD253.2 B881
Laboratory experiments for introduction to general, organic, and biochemistry
QD253.2 B565
Organic and biological chemistry
QD251.3 S874
Organic chemistry
QD251.3 B892
Organic chemistry with biological applications
QD251.3 M168

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