May 2011

Believe it or not, everything can be incredibly easy! Yes, with these “incredibly easy” books, from cardiovascular care to fundamentals of nursing and nursing pharmacology, and more. We can see why these books are fast becoming popular. Happy reading!

Anatomy & physiology : an incredibly easy! workout
QM32 A535
Cardiovascular care made incredibly easy!
RC674 C282
ECG interpretation : an incredibly easy! workout
RC683.5 E5 E17
Fluids & electrolytes made incredibly easy!
RC630 S431
Fundamentals of nursing made incredibly easy!
RT41 B533
NCLEX-RN review made incredibly easy!
RT55 N337
Nursing care planning made incredibly easy!
RT49 M429
Nursing pharmacology made incredibly easy!
RM301 S431

This week, let’s take a look into the field of biotechnology, with examples from the chemical & pharmaceutical, food, and environmental industries.

Biorefineries – industrial processes and products : status quo and future directions
TP155.2 E58 B616
Biotechnology in functional foods and nutraceuticals
TP248.65 F66 B616
DNA and biotechnology
QP624 F554
Encyclopedia of industrial biotechnology : bioprocess, bioseparation & cell technology
TP248.16 E56
Environmental biotechnology
TD192.5 F962
Fundamental laboratory approaches for biochemistry and biotechnology
QP519 N715
Industrial biotechnology : sustainable growth and economic success
HD9999 B442 I42
Nano- and biocomposites
TP248.25 N35 N186

In every business or organisation, it is no doubt the aim is to excel and become successful. In today’s fast changing business environment, the journey can be arduous. We hope that these books will provide you with useful case studies and insights.

Corporate sigma : optimizing the health of your company with systems thinking
HD62.15 E41
Organization diagnosis, design, and transformation
HD62.15 L352
Quality : a critical introduction
HD62.15 B396
Quality inspired management : the key to sustainability
HD62.15 A291
Quality management, organization and strategy
HD62.15 E92
Quality management : theory and application
HD62.15 M447
Six Sigma on a budget : achieving more with less using the principles of Six Sigma
TS156 B912
Toyota kata : managing people for improvement, adaptiveness, and superior results
HD62.15 R756

Mechatronics combines the various aspects of mechanical, electronic, computer control, and systems design engineering. Learn about the concepts, theories and applications in this multidisciplinary field from this week’s selected titles.

Advanced mechatronics : monitoring and control of spatially distributed systems
TJ163.12 N368
Introduction to mechatronics
TJ163.12 K97
Introduction to mechatronics and measurement systems
TJ163.12 A352
TJ163.12 C423
TJ163.12 H462
Mechatronics : a multidisciplinary approach
TJ163.12 B694
Micro mechatronics : modeling, analysis, and design with MATLAB
TJ163.12 G537
Sensors and actuators in mechatronics : design and applications
TJ163.12 P339

If “A picture paints a thousand words”, then a motion picture will tell even more. How to create interesting and captivating motion picture? Browse through these titles to learn new techniques and tips in creating impactful graphics. Happy learning!

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium : classroom in a book : the official training workbook from Adobe Systems
T385 A239
Adobe Creative Suite 5 Web premium how-tos : 100 essential techniques
T385 K18
Adobe Flash Professional CS5 for Windows and Macintosh
TK5105.8885 F59 U45
Adobe Illustrator CS5 : learn by video
T385 A239
The Adobe Illustrator CS5 wow! book : hundreds of tips, tricks, and techniques from top illustrator artists
T385 S842
CorelDRAW X5 : the official guide
T385 B781
How to cheat in 3ds Max 2011 : get spectacular results fast
TR897.7 B777
How to cheat in After Effects
TR858 P448
Illustrator CS5 for Windows and Macintosh
T385 W424
OpenGL superbible : comprehensive tutorial and reference
T385 O61
Real world Adobe Illustrator CS5
T385 G619
Real world Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS5
TR267.5 A25 S328