April 2011


Are you baffled by Biochemistry? Browse through these titles to discover insights and increase your understanding in this topic. Happy reading!

Essential biochemistry for medicine
RB112.5 F947
General, organic, and biological chemistry
QD33.2 S874
Ideas in chemistry and molecular sciences. Where chemistry meets life
QD461 I19
Introduction to general, organic and biochemistry
QD33 I61
Laboratory experiments for introduction to general, organic, and biochemistry
QD253.2 B565
Organic and biological chemistry
QD251.3 S874
Organic chemistry with biological applications
QD251.3 M168
Textbook of biochemistry : with clinical correlations
QP514.2 T355

According to Oxford Dictionary, aerodynamics is defined as “having a shape which enables it to move through the air” or “the science concerned with the movement of solid bodies through the air”. In the engineering field, there is so much more to learn than just the definition. Learn more about aerodynamics from these books in our collection.

Aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery : analysis and design
TJ267 C518
Aircraft flight : a description of the physical principles of aircraft flight
TL570 B259
Basic wing and airfoil theory
TL574 A4 P825
Flight mechanics modeling and analysis
TL589.4 R215
Fundamentals of aerodynamics
TL570 A547
Mechanics of flight
TL570 P564
The principles of flight for pilots
TL710 S973
Understanding flight
TL570 A546

Need advice on diet & exercise, disease prevention, emotional-mental-spiritual well-being, weight management and how to manage stress? Find out the components of a healthy lifestyle and how to achieve total well-being from these selected titles.

Access to health
RA776 D677
Fit & well : core concepts and labs in physical fitness and wellness
GV481 F157
A fit and well way of life
RA781 R633
Focus on health
RA776 H148
RA418 B645
Health : the basics
RA776 D677
An invitation to health
RA776 H167
An invitation to health : choosing to change
RA776.95 H167
The life book : laugh more, love more, play more, earn more
BJ1470 G891
Sort your life out : a 21-day programme to help you create the life you want
BF637 S4 C678
Wellbeing : the five essential elements
HN25 R234
Wellness and physical therapy
RM700 F163

Learn more about Singapore – the historical, economical and cultural aspects of this city state. From the letters of Sir Stamford Raffles, Singapore heritage museums, Singapore’s journey through the global crisis to 60 fabulous adventures in the city, we hope you will enjoy these delightful reads and learn interesting facts on Singapore at the same time.

Chronicle of Singapore : fifty years of headline news 1959 – 2009
DS610.4 C557
Conserving history : Singapore heritage museums
AM79 S55 D228
Developing living cities : from analysis to action
HT169 S55 D489
A different sky
The history of Singapore : Lion city, Asian tiger
DS610.4 H673
In Singapore : 60 fabulous adventures in the city
DS608.8 R731
Latent images : film in Singapore
PN1993.5 S55 U29
Letters & books of Sir Stamford Raffles and Lady Raffles : the Tang Holdings Collection of autograph letters and books of Sir Stamford Raffles and Lady Raffles
DS646.26 R3 B324
Road to recovery : Singapore’s journey through the global crisis
HB3814 B327
Singapore and Asia : impact of the global financial tsunami and other economic issues
HC445.8 N961
The Singapore lion : a biography of S. Rajaratnam
DS610.73 R35 N576
Singapore perspectives 2010 : a home, heart, horizon
DS608.3 S617