In Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Duke Orsino of Illyria said “If music be the food of love, play on.” Well, we say that let there be music as it is a universal language that has no boundary. We love music and we know you love it just as much. We hope you will find these books as interesting as the music too.

Getting started with Audacity 1.3 : create your own podcasts, edit music, and more with this open source audio editor
ML74.3 H638
Harmony in context
MT50 R741
Introduction to computer music
MT723 C712
Logic Pro 9 : advanced music production
ML74.4 L64 D988
Music for sight singing
MT870 O91
Music : the art of listening
MT90 F394
Musical gestures : sound, movement, and meaning
ML3820 M987
The producer as composer : shaping the sounds of popular music
ML3470 M825
The teaching of instrumental music
MT170 C727
Understanding music
MT6 Y86 Y94
What’s so important about music education?
MT1 G575
The world of music
MT6 W533 W739