Design is always evolving. As a designer or a design student, you are constantly looking for ideas and inspirations, from the things you see and the people around you. We hope these books will not only be interesting and informative, but will also broaden your scope of inspirations and ideas. Be inspired!

Applied caligraphy & graphic design
NK3600 A648
Decorative initials and alphabets
NK3600 D296
Designers’ identities
NC999.2 D457
Exuberance : new virtuosity in contemporary architecture
NA2750 E96
Figure drawing : the structure, anatomy, and expressive design of human form
NC765 G624
For a good cause
NC997 F692
Gardner’s art through the ages : a concise western history
N5300 G227
Knoll : a modernist universe
NK2554 K58 L975
Modern chic : inspired design for residential space
NA7127 M689
Select house = Jing pin wu
NA7110 S464
Tekusucha de miseru dezain = Design texture
NC845 T266
Universal design handbook
NA2545 A1 U58