Why is banking so essential to the economy? How does the business of dealing in money and instruments of credit contributes to the economy? Browse through these collections to find out the various aspects in banking. Connect with the financial sector dynamics now!

Bank 2.0 : how customer behaviour and technology will change the future of financial services
HG1616 C87 K52
Bank management & financial services
HG1615 R797
Banking systems
HG2491 B218
The economics of money, banking and financial markets
HG173 M678
Endless money : the moral hazards of socialism
HG230.3 B168
Frequently asked questions in Islamic finance
HG187.4 K43
Governing financial services in the European Union : banking, securities and post-trading
HG186 A2 Q1
An introduction to investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity : the new paradigm
HG4534 S893
Islamic finance in a nutshell : a guide for non-specialists
HG187.4 K43
Money, banking, and financial markets
HG221 C387
Treasury management : the practitioner’s guide
HG4027.5 B813
When prime brokers fail : the unheeded risk to hedge funds, banks, and the financial industry
HG4530 A292