Most of us take for granted our ability to move and to do things easily. But for those who can’t because of some medical conditions or for other reasons, it can be extremely difficult or painful for them to do simple daily tasks. Physical therapy is quintessential, as they embark on the road to recovery and learn to lead an independent life. Learn more about physical therapy and how it can improve one’s wellness.

Anatomy and physiology for the manual therapies
QP34.5 K96
Cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy : a clinical manual
RC702 W324
Clinical decision making for the physical therapist assistant
RM701 S628
Clinical prediction rules : a physical therapy reference manual
RM701 G568
Documentation for rehabilitation : a guide to clinical decision making
RM700 Q7
Neurological rehabilitation : optimizing motor performance
RC376.5 C311
Orthopaedic physical therapy
RD736 P47 O77
Patient care skills
RT87 T72 M666
Resistance training for special populations
RM725 S972
Treatment of cerebral palsy and motor delay
RJ496 C4 L666
Wellness and physical therapy
RM700 F163
Women’s health in physical therapy
RM701 W872