January 2011

If you need a reason to celebrate and feast, well, this is a good time to do so. Cook up a feast and have a great celebration with your families and friends this coming Lunar New Year. Make it different this year! You can choose to have a theme celebration with all the different recipes you find in these books. Happy reading and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Arabian nights cookbook : from lamb kebabs to baba ghanouj, delicious homestyle Arabian cooking
TX725 A7 S169
Chatelaine modern classics : 250 fast, fresh recipes from the Chatelaine kitchen
TX714 C492
Eat well, feel well : more than 150 delicious specific Carbohydrate-Diet compliant recipes
TX553 C28 C754
How to eat in
TX731 B993
Jamie does– Spain, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Greece, France : easy twists on classic dishes inspired by my travels
TX725 A1 O48
Jamie’s Italy
TX723 O48
Nigella fresh : delicious flavors on your plate all year round
TX714 L425
Wheat-free, gluten-free cookbook for kids and busy adults
RM237.87 S247

Design is always evolving. As a designer or a design student, you are constantly looking for ideas and inspirations, from the things you see and the people around you. We hope these books will not only be interesting and informative, but will also broaden your scope of inspirations and ideas. Be inspired!

Applied caligraphy & graphic design
NK3600 A648
Decorative initials and alphabets
NK3600 D296
Designers’ identities
NC999.2 D457
Exuberance : new virtuosity in contemporary architecture
NA2750 E96
Figure drawing : the structure, anatomy, and expressive design of human form
NC765 G624
For a good cause
NC997 F692
Gardner’s art through the ages : a concise western history
N5300 G227
Knoll : a modernist universe
NK2554 K58 L975
Modern chic : inspired design for residential space
NA7127 M689
Select house = Jing pin wu
NA7110 S464
Tekusucha de miseru dezain = Design texture
NC845 T266
Universal design handbook
NA2545 A1 U58

Why is banking so essential to the economy? How does the business of dealing in money and instruments of credit contributes to the economy? Browse through these collections to find out the various aspects in banking. Connect with the financial sector dynamics now!

Bank 2.0 : how customer behaviour and technology will change the future of financial services
HG1616 C87 K52
Bank management & financial services
HG1615 R797
Banking systems
HG2491 B218
The economics of money, banking and financial markets
HG173 M678
Endless money : the moral hazards of socialism
HG230.3 B168
Frequently asked questions in Islamic finance
HG187.4 K43
Governing financial services in the European Union : banking, securities and post-trading
HG186 A2 Q1
An introduction to investment banks, hedge funds, and private equity : the new paradigm
HG4534 S893
Islamic finance in a nutshell : a guide for non-specialists
HG187.4 K43
Money, banking, and financial markets
HG221 C387
Treasury management : the practitioner’s guide
HG4027.5 B813
When prime brokers fail : the unheeded risk to hedge funds, banks, and the financial industry
HG4530 A292

Most of us take for granted our ability to move and to do things easily. But for those who can’t because of some medical conditions or for other reasons, it can be extremely difficult or painful for them to do simple daily tasks. Physical therapy is quintessential, as they embark on the road to recovery and learn to lead an independent life. Learn more about physical therapy and how it can improve one’s wellness.

Anatomy and physiology for the manual therapies
QP34.5 K96
Cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy : a clinical manual
RC702 W324
Clinical decision making for the physical therapist assistant
RM701 S628
Clinical prediction rules : a physical therapy reference manual
RM701 G568
Documentation for rehabilitation : a guide to clinical decision making
RM700 Q7
Neurological rehabilitation : optimizing motor performance
RC376.5 C311
Orthopaedic physical therapy
RD736 P47 O77
Patient care skills
RT87 T72 M666
Resistance training for special populations
RM725 S972
Treatment of cerebral palsy and motor delay
RJ496 C4 L666
Wellness and physical therapy
RM700 F163
Women’s health in physical therapy
RM701 W872

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