If you are into all things 3D, this is your week! 3D game development, 3D animation, 3D movie making, 3D designs, we have them all and more. Come and check these titles in our collection. Happy reading!

3D for iPhone apps with Blender and SIO2 : your guide to creating 3D games and more with open-source software
QA76.76 C672 M958
3D game development with Microsoft Silverlight 3 : beginner’s guide : a practical guide to creating real-time responsive online 3D games in Silverlight 3 using C#, XBAP WPF, XAML, Balder, and Farseer Physics Engine
QA76.76 C672 H649
3D images of materials structures : processing and analysis
TA404.23 O38
3D movie making : stereoscopic digital cinema from script to screen
TR854 M537
The art of 3D computer animation and effects
T385 K39
Choosing color for logos & packaging : solutions for 2D & 3D designs
NK1548 D776
Handmade 3D
NC997 F852
Hybrid animation : integrating 2D and 3D assets
TR897.7 O36