What is green technology? How can we make use of green technology and reduce the pollution or damage done to our environment? Learn more about green technologies, environmental issues and how by doing things differently, we can make a difference too.

Best practices in the petroleum industry
TD195 P4 C522
Environmental issues and waste management technologies in the materials and nuclear industries XII
TA401.3 M425
Environmental toxicants : human exposures and their health effects
RA565 E61
Environmentally conscious materials handling
TS180 E61
Foundations of green IT : consolidation, virtualization, efficiency, and ROI in the data center
T58.5 P797
Green IT for dummies
TJ163.5 O35 G795
Greening existing buildings
TH880 Y94
Hot, flat, and crowded : why the world needs a green revolution–and how we can renew our global future
GE197 F911