Explore for yourself how Silverlight could be used to develop interactive applications that would engage and enrich the online experiences for many. Have a great time in your exploration journey!

3D game development with Microsoft Silverlight 3 : beginner’s guide
QA76.76 C672 H649
Accelerated Silverlight 3
QA76.575 G427
Beginning Silverlight 3 : from novice to professional
QA76.575 L188
Creating a Web video in Silverlight
QA76.575 H999
Essential Silverlight 3
QA76.575 M621
Foundation Expression Blend 3 with Silverlight
TK5105.8883 G267
Foundation Silverlight 3 animation
QA76.575 P231
Game programming with Silverlight
QA76.575 S674
Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 3
QA76.575 M868
Microsoft Silverlight 3 : a beginner’s guide
QA76.575 H813
Pro Silverlight 3 in C♯
TK5105.8885 A26 M135
Pro Silverlight 3 in VB
QA76.575 M135
Silverlight 3 jumpstart
QA76.575 Y12
Silverlight 3 : programmer’s reference
QA76.575 S587
Silverlight 4 : problem, design, solution
QA76.575 L469
Silverlight recipes : a problem solution approach
QA76.575 G427