October 2010

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Tourism plays an important role in our economy. In recent years, its growth has been increasingly fast, evolving into eTourism for strategic management. Learn more about the business of tourism to keep abreast of the new developments and trends in this booming industry.

Advances in tourism destination marketing : managing networks
G155 A1 A244
The business of tourism
G155 A1 H745
Cultural tourism and sustainable local development
G156.5 H47 C968
Destination branding : creating the unique destination proposition
G155 A1 M849
Marketing for hospitality and tourism
TX911.3 M3 K87
Selling destinations : geography for the travel professional
G155 A1 M269
Tourism management
G155 A8 W363
Tourism : the business of travel
G155 A1 C771

Explore for yourself how Silverlight could be used to develop interactive applications that would engage and enrich the online experiences for many. Have a great time in your exploration journey!

3D game development with Microsoft Silverlight 3 : beginner’s guide
QA76.76 C672 H649
Accelerated Silverlight 3
QA76.575 G427
Beginning Silverlight 3 : from novice to professional
QA76.575 L188
Creating a Web video in Silverlight
QA76.575 H999
Essential Silverlight 3
QA76.575 M621
Foundation Expression Blend 3 with Silverlight
TK5105.8883 G267
Foundation Silverlight 3 animation
QA76.575 P231
Game programming with Silverlight
QA76.575 S674
Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 3
QA76.575 M868
Microsoft Silverlight 3 : a beginner’s guide
QA76.575 H813
Pro Silverlight 3 in C♯
TK5105.8885 A26 M135
Pro Silverlight 3 in VB
QA76.575 M135
Silverlight 3 jumpstart
QA76.575 Y12
Silverlight 3 : programmer’s reference
QA76.575 S587
Silverlight 4 : problem, design, solution
QA76.575 L469
Silverlight recipes : a problem solution approach
QA76.575 G427

Discover the various innovative ideas and projects of our Nursing and Allied Health students from the School of Health Sciences for improving patient care in the hospital and the community. Highlights include: Electronic bed curtain, Wipes on wheel, No brush No Smile, Fruits “Ka-chink”, EZ-ier headLoc, e-REST and many more. Don’t miss this educational and creative exhibition jointly brought to you by the School of Health Sciences and the Library. Browse or borrow related library materials on display.

Looking for ideas to make the best of your vacation? Why not try some of these ideas? 1001 interesting places to visit, 1001 foods to try, 1001 ways to stay young, 1001 movies to watch and more for you to choose from.

1001 easy ways for earth-wise living : natural and eco-friendly ideas that can make a real difference to your life
GF77 O58
1001 foods you must taste before you die
TX355 O58
1001 historic sites you must see before you die
G140.5 O58
1001 ideas for stonework : the ultimate sourcebook
TH5401 W676
1001 inventions that changed the world
T212 O58
1001 movies you must see before you die
PN1998 O58
1001 paintings you must see before you die
ND1145 O58
1001 ways to stay young naturally
RA776.75 M359

This week, we have featured some digital photography books for your reading pleasure. Browse through these books to pick up some tips and tricks on how to optimise your digital camera to take the best pictures. Happy “Clicking” !

101 quick and easy secrets for using your digital photographs
TR267 B199
Complete digital photography
TR267 L848
Creative close-ups : digital photography tips & techniques
TR683 D262
Creative DSLR photography : the ultimate creative workflow guide
TR267 C672
David Busch’s digital photography bucket list : 100 great digital photos you must take before you die
TR267 B977
Digital landscape photography
TR660 G371
Digital photography : top 100 simplified tips & tricks
TR267 S549
Digital photography best practices and workflow handbook : a guide to staying ahead of the workflow curve
TR267 R969
Digital portrait photography for dummies
TR680 S297
High dynamic range digital photography for dummies
TR594 C824
Lights, camera, capture : creative lighting techniques for digital photographers
TR590 D261
Shoot to thrill : a hard-boiled guide to digital photography
TR267 P385