To celebrate this exciting YOG debut in Singapore, we are delighted to bring you this special edition, to highlight some interesting titles relating to sports. We hope you enjoy the YOG events and at the same time pick up a good read from our selections. Cheers!

Digital sports photography
TR821 L921
Exploring exercise science
RC1235 E96
A history and philosophy of sport and physical education : from ancient civilizations to the modern world
GV211 M486
In pursuit of excellence
GV706.4 O71
Olympic event organization
GV721.5 T388
The Olympic Games effect : how sports marketing builds strong brands
GV721.5 D262
Principles and practice of sport management
GV713 P954
Pure sport : practical sport psychology
GV706.4 K92
Sport psychology
GV706.4 S764
Sports tourism : participants, policy and providers
G155 A1 W394
Student-athlete success : meeting the challenges of college life
GV351 F411
The young athlete
RC1218 C45 Y68