Nanotechnology…a fast growing and challenging field that generates breakthrough. Get to know this dynamic area as well as its diversity and risks to the environment, health and safety from these books. Happy reading!

Applied nanotechnology : the conversion of research results to products
T174.7 R182
Emerging nanotechnologies for manufacturing
T174.7 A286
Excitonic and vibrational dynamics in nanotechnology : quantum dots vs. nanotubes
T174.7 K48
Fundamental principles of engineering nanometrology
T174.7 L434
Fundamentals of nanotechnology
T174.7 F981
Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and design : an introduction for engineers and architects
T174.7 A823
Nanosciences : the invisible revolution

T174.7 J62

Science at the nanoscale : an introductory textbook

T174.7 C539