June 2010

Nanotechnology…a fast growing and challenging field that generates breakthrough. Get to know this dynamic area as well as its diversity and risks to the environment, health and safety from these books. Happy reading!

Applied nanotechnology : the conversion of research results to products
T174.7 R182
Emerging nanotechnologies for manufacturing
T174.7 A286
Excitonic and vibrational dynamics in nanotechnology : quantum dots vs. nanotubes
T174.7 K48
Fundamental principles of engineering nanometrology
T174.7 L434
Fundamentals of nanotechnology
T174.7 F981
Nanomaterials, nanotechnologies and design : an introduction for engineers and architects
T174.7 A823
Nanosciences : the invisible revolution

T174.7 J62

Science at the nanoscale : an introductory textbook

T174.7 C539


Having a healthy body and mind is the key to a fulfilling lifestyle. Keeping fit is a good way to start. Pick up one of these titles and start your fitness regime today.

Body by science : a research based program for strength training, body building, and complete fitness in 12 minutes a week
GV481 M148
Core strength for dummies
GV508 C429
Developing effective physical activity programs
GV481 D489
Fit & well : core concepts and labs in physical fitness and wellness
GV481 F157
Fitness made simple : the power to change your body, the power to change your life
GV481 B299
Mastering the art of working out
GV481 B186
Quick & easy energy boosters : 5-minute routines for anyone, anytime, anywhere
GV481 W947
Stronger arms & upper body
GV508 W959

Overwhelmed by life and work pressures? Want to achieve even more on a daily basis? Pick up these books to learn effective time management principles, techniques, tools and goal setting skills. Happy reading!

How to get more done : seven days to achieving more
HD69 T54 O18
Making it all work
HD69 T54 A425
The personal efficiency program : how to stop feeling overwhelmed and win back control of your work!
HD69 T54 G555
Successful time management for dummies
HD69 T54 Z52
Tick achieve : how to get stuff done
HD69 T54 D911
Time management
HD69 T54 B618
Work less, achieve more : great ideas to get your life back
HD6995 O18
Work-life balance for dummies
HD4904.25 M962

To learn more about social services, values of its practices, social work education, and other issues relating to social work, these are some of the books available in the collection. Take your pick and explore how social work skills can be acquired and applied to different contexts effectively.

Ethical decisions for social work practice
HV43 D664
Generalist social work practice : an empowering approach
HV40 M642
Generalist social work practice with groups
HV45 Y21
An introduction to family social work
HV699 C712
Introduction to social work & social welfare : critical thinking perspectives
HV40 K61
Planning and conducting agency-based research
HV11 W526
Social work : a profession of many faces
HV91 S539
Social work practice : a generalist approach
HV40 J67