Interested to succeed in the fast growing and challenging retail industry? You will need to have a good understanding of retail operations from merchandising to logistics, promotion to branding, marketing, store design and retail management. Learn about the best practices, winning case studies and strategies from these books.

The art of retail buying : an insider’s guide to the best practices from the industry
HF5437 J17
Experiential retailing : concepts and strategies that sell
HF5429 K49
How to succeed at retail : winning case studies and strategies for retailers and brands
HF5429 L737
Private label : turning the retail brand threat into your biggest opportunity
HF5429 L737
Retail business kit for dummies
HF5429 S454
Retail buying : from basics to fashion
HF5437 C643
Retail in detail
HF5429 B711
Retailization : brand survival in the age of retailer power
HF5429 T464