Curious to know about the advances in pharmaceutical biotechnology. This week, we have highlighted some titles that provide a well-balanced framework for understanding every major aspect of biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical biotechnology, including drug development, production, dosage forms, administration, and therapeutic developments.

Advanced technologies in biopharmaceutical processing
RS192 A244
Biocatalysis for the pharmaceutical industry : discovery, development, and manufacturing
RS380 T172
Biological and pharmaceutical nanomaterials
TA418.9 N35 B615
Cell culture technology for pharmaceutical and cell-based therapies
TP248.25 C44 C393
Immunogenicity of biopharmaceuticals
QR188.4 I33
Innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry
RS380 I58
Pharmaceutical biotechnology : concepts and applications
RS380 W224
Post-translational modification of protein biopharmaceuticals
QU55.5 P857