May 2010

Looking for a practical approach to design, implement, and manage a database. Browse through these latest collection to learn about database administration, backup, creation, design, maintenance and security to deliver effective solutions for deploying and managing databases.

Database systems : a practical approach to design, implementation, and management
QA76.9 D26 C752
Microsoft SQL server 2008 integration services : problem–design–solution
QA76.9 D3 M626
Microsoft SQL server 2008 reporting services unleashed
QA76.9 D3 L769
Oracle 11g : SQL
QA76.9 D3 C347
Oracle Essbase & Oracle OLAP : the guide to Oracle’s multidimensional solution
QA76.9 D3 O63
Professional SQL server 2008 internals and troubleshooting
QA76.73 S67 P964
SQL Server MVP deep dives
QA76.9 D3 S772
Viral data in SOA : an enterprise pandemic
QA76.9 D3 F537

No mobile phone, no Internet, no Facebook, no music and no YouTube. Can you imagine your life without any one of these? Indeed, in the last decade, IT has dramatically transformed the way we live, work and play and it will continue to do so in the years to come. Come to the School of Information Technology and the Library joint exhibition to find out for yourselves the latest developments in Information Technology. Browse or borrow related library books on display.

Interested to succeed in the fast growing and challenging retail industry? You will need to have a good understanding of retail operations from merchandising to logistics, promotion to branding, marketing, store design and retail management. Learn about the best practices, winning case studies and strategies from these books.

The art of retail buying : an insider’s guide to the best practices from the industry
HF5437 J17
Experiential retailing : concepts and strategies that sell
HF5429 K49
How to succeed at retail : winning case studies and strategies for retailers and brands
HF5429 L737
Private label : turning the retail brand threat into your biggest opportunity
HF5429 L737
Retail business kit for dummies
HF5429 S454
Retail buying : from basics to fashion
HF5437 C643
Retail in detail
HF5429 B711
Retailization : brand survival in the age of retailer power
HF5429 T464

Curious to know about the advances in pharmaceutical biotechnology. This week, we have highlighted some titles that provide a well-balanced framework for understanding every major aspect of biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical biotechnology, including drug development, production, dosage forms, administration, and therapeutic developments.

Advanced technologies in biopharmaceutical processing
RS192 A244
Biocatalysis for the pharmaceutical industry : discovery, development, and manufacturing
RS380 T172
Biological and pharmaceutical nanomaterials
TA418.9 N35 B615
Cell culture technology for pharmaceutical and cell-based therapies
TP248.25 C44 C393
Immunogenicity of biopharmaceuticals
QR188.4 I33
Innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry
RS380 I58
Pharmaceutical biotechnology : concepts and applications
RS380 W224
Post-translational modification of protein biopharmaceuticals
QU55.5 P857

If you are keen to learn how to “make faces”, well, drawing them, this is just one of the titles we have selected for you in this week’s highlights. Learn more about the different drawing techniques from these books. Enjoy reading and start “making faces” now.

100 days of monsters
NC825 M6 B919
The art of drawing animals
NC780 A784
Basic perspective drawing : a visual approach
NC750 M759
Bridgman’s complete guide to drawing from life
NC760 B852
Colored pencil secrets for success : how to critique and improve your paintings
NC892 K96
Digital painting techniques
N7433.8 D574
Drawing cartoons & comics for dummies
NC1320 F172
Making faces : drawing expressions for comics and cartoons

NC770 M235

Singapore will be hosting the first Summer Youth Olympic Games from 14 to 26 August 2010. It will bring together talented athletes from across the world with the aim of having them take part in high-level competitions and indicating to them the path to take to become Olympians.

Visit the Library today to learn about the history of the Olympic Games, the 3 Olympic core values and also more information on Singapore 2010 journey. Browse or borrow related library books on display.