Bluetooth technology… it sounds COOL, right? What exactly is Bluetooth technology? Want to gain a better understanding of this wireless networking technology. This is the week for mobile applications development fans. Learn more about Bluetooth and explore the state-of-art technology.

Bluetooth application programming with the Java APIs
TK5103.3 T477
Bluetooth security
TK5103.3 G311
Fixed-mobile wireless networks convergence : technologies, solutions, services
TK5105.8865 G418
From WPANs to personal networks : technologies and applications
TK5103.485 P911
Performance modeling and analysis of Bluetooth networks : polling, scheduling, and traffic control
TK5103.3 M678
Resource management in wireless networking
TK5103.2 R434
WiMedia UWB : technology of choice for wireless USB and Bluetooth
TK5105.15 H465
Wireless personal area networks : performance, interconnections and security with IEEE 802.15.4
TK5103.485 M678