April 2010

Bluetooth technology… it sounds COOL, right? What exactly is Bluetooth technology? Want to gain a better understanding of this wireless networking technology. This is the week for mobile applications development fans. Learn more about Bluetooth and explore the state-of-art technology.

Bluetooth application programming with the Java APIs
TK5103.3 T477
Bluetooth security
TK5103.3 G311
Fixed-mobile wireless networks convergence : technologies, solutions, services
TK5105.8865 G418
From WPANs to personal networks : technologies and applications
TK5103.485 P911
Performance modeling and analysis of Bluetooth networks : polling, scheduling, and traffic control
TK5103.3 M678
Resource management in wireless networking
TK5103.2 R434
WiMedia UWB : technology of choice for wireless USB and Bluetooth
TK5105.15 H465
Wireless personal area networks : performance, interconnections and security with IEEE 802.15.4
TK5103.485 M678

Aerospace Engineering is a challenging and dynamic field that is at the cutting edge of technology. Catch these highlights to discover the beauty of aerospace in store for you.

Aerospace engineering desk reference
TL511 A252
Aircraft electrical and electronic systems : principles, operation and maintenance
TL690 T671
Aircraft fuel systems
TL702 F8 A298
Aircraft propulsion
TL709 F239
Aviation and climate change : lessons for European policy
TD195 A27 B788
Corrosion control in the aerospace industry
TL698 C825
Handbook of space technology
TL794 H236
Mechanics and thermodynamics of propulsion
TL709 H647

Hear ye hear ye, Adobe fans, this is your week! We have selected some books on Adobe applications for you. Illustrators, Photoshop, Flash and more…Take your pick and learn more about these applications to create impactful designs and animations.

Adobe CS production premium for Final cut studio editors
TR899 J82
Adobe Fireworks CS4
TK5105.8885 F55 A239
Adobe Illustrator CS4
T385 A239
Adobe Illustrator CS4 digital classroom
T385 A239
Adobe Illustrator CS4 how-tos : 100 essential techniques
T385 K18
The Adobe Illustrator CS4 wow! book : tips, tricks, and techniques from 100 top illustrator artists
T385 S842
Adobe Photoshop CS4 digital classroom
TK5105.8885 A38 S651
Adobe Photoshop CS4 on demand
T385 J69
Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one
TK5105.8885 A38 M126
Advanced Photoshop CS4 trickery & FX
TK5105.8885 A38 B967
Exploring Adobe Flash CS4
TK5105.8885 F59 H333
Exploring Adobe Illustrator CS4
T385 H333
How to do everything : Adobe Illustrator CS4
T385 J52
How to do everything Adobe Photoshop CS4
TK5105.8885 A38 P448
Illustrator® CS4 bible
T385 A462
Illustrator CS4 for dummies
T385 A461

This week, we have featured some science fiction stories for your reading pleasure. Browse through these books to discover the excitement and suspense in the fictional universe.

Anvil of stars
The automatic detective
The gone-away world
House of suns
The man who turned into himself
The perfect
Swiftly : a novel
Terminator Salvation : from the ashes
Thunder of time
V : the second generation

Learn more about chemistry, chemical engineering processes and more with this week’s selection of books. Happy reading!

Albright’s chemical engineering handbook
TP151 A342
Basic concepts of Chemistry : study guide and solutions manual
QD33.2 M257
Chemical information mining : facilitating literature-based discovery
QD8.5 C517
Classics in spectroscopy : isolation and structure elucidation of natural products
QD96 N8 B496
Energy optimization in process systems
QC20.7 M27 S572
Guidelines for developing quantitative safety risk criteria
TP150 A23 G946
Inherently safer chemical processes : a life cycle approach
TP150 S24 I55
Introduction to process technology
TP155.7 T455
Material and energy balances for engineers and environmentalists
TP155.7 O52
Principles of chemical engineering processes
TP155 G411
Production chemicals for the oil and gas industry
TD193 K29
Quality assurance and quality control in the analytical chemical laboratory : a practical approach
QD75.4 Q34 K82