Explores the various aspects of biochemistry and cell biology! Flip through these books for a kick start.

QD415 C189
QD415 G239
Biochemistry and molecular biology
QP514.2 E46
Chemical biology : learning through case studies
QD415 C517
Fundamental laboratory approaches for biochemistry and biotechnology
QP519 N715
Introduction to organic and biochemistry
QD253.2 I61
Laboratory experiments for introduction to general, organic, and biochemistry
QD253.2 B565
Marks’ basic medical biochemistry : a clinical approach
QP514.2 L716
Medical biochemistry
QP514.2 M489
Physical biochemistry : principles and applications
QD476.2 S541
Schaum’s outlines : biochemistry
QP514.2 S313
Understanding bioanalytical chemistry : principles and applications
QP519.7 G271