March 2010

As a consumer, have you ever wonder how food manufacturers develop food products that are sold in the grocery stores? How do we make the correct choices of food products that are nutritious? Discover the latest development of food product processes and the knowledge of reading food labels found on the packaging at the upcoming joint exhibition with the School of Life Sciences and the Library.

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AutoCAD is a CAD (Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting) software application for 2D and 3D design, drafting and modelling. It is a useful tool for designing products, buildings, spaces as well as drawing and organising blueprints.

Browse through the selected resources to help develop your skills in using the world’s leading tool and bring your innovative ideas to life.

Accessing AutoCAD Architecture 2009
T385 W976
AutoCAD 2009 : a problem-solving approach
T385 T557
AutoCad 2009 for architects and interior designers
NA2728 B823
AutoCAD 2009 for interior design : a 3D modeling approach
T385 C976
AutoCAD 2009 for interior design and space planning
T385 K59
AutoCAD 2009 in 3D : a modern perspective
T385 P977
AutoCAD 2009 tutor for engineering graphics
T385 K14
AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD LT 2010 : no experience required
T385 M143
AutoCAD 2010 for dummies
T385 B995
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 : procedures and applications
TA345 W258
CAD for interiors basics
T385 F518
Engineering graphics with AutoCAD 2009
T357 B563
Harnessing AutoCAD® Civil 3D® 2009
TA345 A8 Z72
The illustrated AutoCAD 2009 quick reference
T385 G728
Introduction to AutoCAD 2009 : a modern perspective
T385 R513
Mastering AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD LT 2010
T385 O57
Modeling and visualization with AutoCAD
NK2114 D584
Technical drawing 101 with AutoCAD : a multidisciplinary curriculum for the first semester
T385 S645
Using AutoCAD 2009
T385 G728
Workplace skills for success with AutoCAD 2009 : basics : a layered learning approach
T385 K86

If you love gardening, this is a special treat for you. We have some selected some titles on gardening, plants in pots, flowers, landscaping and handbook on gardening especially for you. Yes, you with the green fingers. Quit snapping those green fingers in delight now and start reading!

101 bold and beautiful flowers : ideals for year-round colour
SB403 A379
Award-winning green roof designs : green roofs for healthy cities
SB419.5 P367
City Garden
SB453 C635
The elements of organic gardening : Highgrove, Clarence House, Birkhall
SB453.5 C476
Family gardens : how to create magical outdoor spaces for all ages
SB473 G964
Garden design
SB472.45 G218
Gardening secrets
SB453.3 G7 G218
Green roof systems : a guide to the planning, design, and construction of landscapes over structure
SB419.5 W422
Green roofs in sustainable landscape design
SB419.5 C232
Joe’s urban garden handbook
SB450.9 S977
The little green book of gardening : 250 tips for an eco lifestyle
SB453.5 M655
Plants in pots
SB418 C635
Rooftop and terrace gardens
SB473 T581
Sustainable landscaping for dummies
SB473 D357
The vertical garden : from nature to the city
SB463.5 B638
A year in Christine’s garden
SB63 W35 W177

Explores the various aspects of biochemistry and cell biology! Flip through these books for a kick start.

QD415 C189
QD415 G239
Biochemistry and molecular biology
QP514.2 E46
Chemical biology : learning through case studies
QD415 C517
Fundamental laboratory approaches for biochemistry and biotechnology
QP519 N715
Introduction to organic and biochemistry
QD253.2 I61
Laboratory experiments for introduction to general, organic, and biochemistry
QD253.2 B565
Marks’ basic medical biochemistry : a clinical approach
QP514.2 L716
Medical biochemistry
QP514.2 M489
Physical biochemistry : principles and applications
QD476.2 S541
Schaum’s outlines : biochemistry
QP514.2 S313
Understanding bioanalytical chemistry : principles and applications
QP519.7 G271

Well, no it is not Valentine’s Day again, not in March, but never ending love stories can still be found in these books. Happy reading!

An atlas of impossible longing
Breathing room
Finding the dream
Holding the dream
Honor thyself
If wishing made it so
Natural born charmer
Oscar and Lucinda

INFOCUS e-Newsletter
(March 10, Issue 17)

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Leadership, a critical management skill, is the ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal. What are the traits that make a leader stand out? Browse through these resources to help you develop your skills as a leader.

The art and science of leadership
BF637 L4 N153
The art of leadership
BF637 L4 M283
Change leadership : developing a change-adept organization
HD58.8 O75
Collaborative leadership : how to succeed in an interconnected world
HM1261 A671
Effective leadership : how to be a successful leader
BF637 L4 A191
The enlightened leader : an introduction to the chakras of leadership
HD57.7 H785
Fearless leadership : how to overcome behavioral blind spots and transform your organization
HD57.7 M237
High altitude leadership : what the world’s most forbidding peaks teach us about success
HD57.7 W279
How to grow leaders : the seven key principles of effective leadership development
HD57.7 A191
Leaders make the future : ten new leadership skills for an uncertain world
HD57.7 J65
Leadership : enhancing the lessons of experience
HD57.7 H894
Leadership in the era of economic uncertainty : the new rules for getting the right things done in difficult times
HD57.7 C469
Leadership : research findings, practice, and skills
HD57.7 D819
Leadership : theory, application, & skill development
HD57.7 L972
Managerial dilemmas : exploiting paradox for strategic leadership
HD57.7 S884
Performance leadership : the next practices to motivate your people, align stakeholders, and lead your industry
HF5549.5 P35 B992
The practice of adaptive leadership : tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world
HD57.7 H466
Preparing for leadership : what it takes to take the lead
HD57.7 D411
Redefining leadership : competing in Asia in the 21st century
HD57.7 D261
Strategic leadership : governance & renewal
HD30.28 L439
Strategy-driven talent management : a leadership imperative
HF5549 S587
Transforming your leadership culture
HD57.7 M148
Transnational leadership development : preparing the next generation for the borderless business world
HD57.7 F537
Working across generations : defining the future of nonprofit leadership
HD62.6 K96