Feeling stressful? You are not alone. Most of us have to deal with stressful situations whether you are a working adult coping with work and family needs, or a student coping with assignment deadlines and examinations. Learn some of useful techniques to manage stressful situations effectively, one book at a time.

Comprehensive stress management
BF575 S75 G798
Controlling stress and tension
RA785 G524
How to get more done : seven days to achieving more
HD69 T54 O18
The personal efficiency program : how to stop feeling overwhelmed and win back control of your work!
HD69 T54 G555
Practical stress management : a comprehensive workbook for managing change and promoting health
RA785 R761
Quick & easy stress busters : 5-minute exercises for anyone, anytime, anywhere
RM725 S464
Work less, achieve more : great ideas to get your life back
HD6995 O18
Work-life balance for dummies
HD4904.25 M962