Did you enjoy the shopping spree at the recent Library Book Fair? This year’s Book Fair, coincided with the NYP Open House. Staff and students got a chance to choose the books they love to read and at the same time take part in developing the Library collection.

Hundreds of latest academic titles were showcased:

  • Engineering titles covering Aeronautical & Aerospace, Biomedical Engineering, Electronics, Computer & Communications Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering & Mechatronics Engineering
  • Information Technology titles ranging from Business Enterprise IT to Business Informatics, Engineering Informatics to Financial Informatics, Information Technology to Information Security
  • Design titles on Space & Interior Design, Visual Communication & Industrial Space, Animation, Aesthetics, Drawing, Design & Storyboard

Based on the survey conducted during the event,

– 82% of the participants agreed that it was a great idea to allow students & staff to select books for the Library collection
– 87% of the participants gave a rating of “Good” or better to the variety of books displayed
– 95% of the participants would recommend their friends to participate

The results showed that the Book Fair was well-received and had enhanced the “book shopping” experience of the participants.

THANK YOU for making this Book Fair a success!

Do look out for the next Book Fair and join us!