What is marketing? Is it Advertising, Promotion, Publicity, Sales or Public Relations? Learn about the stages of developing a marketing plan, how to do market research, how to create a marketing strategy, and more from this week’s titles.

Advertising and promotion : an integrated marketing communications
HF5823 B427
Basic marketing : a marketing strategy planning approach
HF5415.13 P455
Business marketing : connecting strategy, relationships, and learning
HF5415 D993
Inspire! : why customers come back
HF5415 C453
Managing markets and customers
HF5415.13 M266
HF5415 K39
HF5415 B972
Marketing : an introduction
HF5415 A735
Marketing for dummies
HF5415.13 M888
Marketing management
HF5415.13 K87
Marketing management : knowledge and skills
HF5415.13 P478
Marketing mistakes and successes
HF5415.1 H332
Marketing : the core
HF5415 K39
Strategic marketing
HF5415.135 C898
Sustainability marketing : a global perspective
HF5415 B454
The ultimate marketing toolkit : ads that attract customers, brochures that create buzz, websites that wow
HF5415.1 P481