January 2010

Packaging is in our everyday life, from a soap dish packaging to a laptop packaging. What are the elements of a good packaging design? Functional, eye-catching, unique, innovative or eco-friendly? Learn more about packaging design with the resources available in the Library!

1000 package designs : a comprehensive guide to packing it in
TS195.4 O58
Best package & wrapping graphics
NC1002 P33 B561
Color harmony : packaging : more than 800 colorways for package designs that work
TS195.4 C719
Color management for packaging : a comprehensive guide for graphic designers
NC1002 P33 D776
Design matters : packaging 01 : an essential primer for today’s competitive market
TS195.4 D457
Designing sustainable packaging
TS195.4 B792
For sale : over 200 innovative solutions in packaging design
TS195.4 F755
Package design
TS195.4 P119
Package design now!
TS195.4 K88
Package design workbook : the art and science of successful packaging
NC1002 P33 D944
Print and production finishes for packaging
TS195.4 D396
Print and production finishes for sustainable design
TS195.4 D396

Want to know more about the Library’s e-Resources? Come to the e-Resource Fair.

12.30 – 1.30 pm | Lifestyle Hub (Level 4, Centre Wing)
e-Resource Showcase
Drop in to pick up information, ask questions and watch demonstrations of the latest e-resources.

12.30 – 5 pm | Lifestyle Hub (Level 4, Centre Wing)
e-Resource Poster Display
Find out about the Library’s e-Books, e-Journals and e-databases.

3 – 4 pm | User Education Room (Level 5, Centre Wing)
Hands-on Training on PubMed Database
Get tips and search strategies to help you find information from the biomedical and life sciences literature in PubMed.

4 – 4.30 pm | User Education Room (Level 5, Centre Wing)
Briefing on EBSCO Database Enhancements
Stop by for a presentation on the EBSCO database enhancements. Learn about how to
access the EBSCO databases via your smartphone.

4.30 – 5 pm | User Education Room (Level 5, Centre Wing)
Product Presentation on EBSCO’s Nursing Reference Centre & MEDLINE with Full Text Databases
See demonstrations to learn the features of EBSCO’s Nursing Reference Centre and
MEDLINE with Full Text databases.

Speaker : Ms Noor Ashikin
Regional Sales Manager
EBSCO Publishing

Interested to attend? Please indicate the session you would like to attend and reply to NYP_Library_RefDesk@nyp.gov.sg by 20 Jan 2010.

What is marketing? Is it Advertising, Promotion, Publicity, Sales or Public Relations? Learn about the stages of developing a marketing plan, how to do market research, how to create a marketing strategy, and more from this week’s titles.

Advertising and promotion : an integrated marketing communications
HF5823 B427
Basic marketing : a marketing strategy planning approach
HF5415.13 P455
Business marketing : connecting strategy, relationships, and learning
HF5415 D993
Inspire! : why customers come back
HF5415 C453
Managing markets and customers
HF5415.13 M266
HF5415 K39
HF5415 B972
Marketing : an introduction
HF5415 A735
Marketing for dummies
HF5415.13 M888
Marketing management
HF5415.13 K87
Marketing management : knowledge and skills
HF5415.13 P478
Marketing mistakes and successes
HF5415.1 H332
Marketing : the core
HF5415 K39
Strategic marketing
HF5415.135 C898
Sustainability marketing : a global perspective
HF5415 B454
The ultimate marketing toolkit : ads that attract customers, brochures that create buzz, websites that wow
HF5415.1 P481

Be it a choice for healthy lifestyle or for medical reasons, understanding nutritional value of food is the key. Learn more about food and nutrition with this week’s selected titles.

Advanced nutrition and human metabolism
QP141 G876
Advanced nutrition : macronutrients, micronutrients, and metabolism
QP141 B486
The beauty diet : looking great has never been so delicious!
RA784 D768
Daily fitness and nutrition journal
GV481 D133
Fiber ingredients : food applications and health benefits
QP144 F52 F443
Fundamentals of meal management
TX354 M177
Handbook of nutrition in the aged
QP86 H236
Healthy ageing : the role of nutrition and lifestyle : the report of a British Nutrition Foundation task force
RA564.8 H434
Introduction to human nutrition
QP141 I61
Medical nutrition and disease : a case-based approach
RM216 M489
Nutrigenomics and proteomics in health and disease : food factors and gene interactions
QP144 G45 N976
Nutrition : an applied approach
TX354 T473
Nutrition : real people, real choices
QP141 H612
Pocket guide to nutritional assessment and care
RM219 M823
Superfoods for dummies
TX741 A267
Understanding normal and clinical nutrition
QP141 R747

Digital technologies are changing the very nature and fabric of libraries in Singapore and the world. NYP Library has been leveraging on cutting edge technologies to provide a stimulating learning environment. Many innovative and value-added services have been implemented to enhance our communication with users and facilitate speedy access to information resources. The creation of the Library Portal, iFind mobile service, Centralised PC management system, SMS alert service and many others is a result of our continuous collaborative efforts with the Schools and Departments.

Visit the Library today to learn how the harnessing of digital technologies is providing many new opportunities to engage library users in innovative activities!

Browse or borrow related library books on display.

Want to improve your interpersonal relationships with others? Improve your skill at interpersonal communication and you will reap the harvest in more successful work relationships. Find effective interpersonal communication tips and tools through these books.

The ape in the corner office : how to make friends, win fights, and work smarter by understanding human nature
HF5386.5 C752
Be big : step up, step out, be bold : daring to do our best work together
HM1166 K19
Beyond bullsh*t : straight-talk at work
HD30.3 C968
The charisma effect : how to make a powerful and lasting impression
BF697.5 S44 L528
Four secrets to liking your work : you may not need to quit to get the job you want
HD58.7 M994
Handbook of motivation and cognition across cultures
BF311 H236
Human relations : strategies for success
HF5548.8 L223
Jeffrey Gitomer’s little teal book of trust : how to earn it, grow it, and keep it to become a trusted advisor in sales, business, & life
HF5415.5 G536
People skills
HM1106 T474
Perfect phrases for dealing with difficult people : hundreds of ready-to-use phrases for handling conflict, confrontations, and challenging personalities
HM1166 B468
Reaching out : interpersonal effectiveness and self-actualization
HM1106 J66
Your attitude is showing : a primer of human relations
HF5548.8 O58