Just as we need to eat the right food and exercise regularly to feel well physically, we also need to look after our mental well-being.

How to improve your mental well-being?

Good mental health isn’t something you have but something you do. To be mentally healthy, you must value and accept yourself.

Mental Well-being is a state of positive mental health in which one:

• realises their abilities
• copes with the normal stresses of life
• works productively and fruitfully
• makes a positive contribution to their community

With mental well-being, one can have the capacity to enjoy life to the fullest and deal with the
normal stresses and challenges of life constructively.

Here are some tips for you to develop positive mental health practices:

Build resilience
Resilience is a coping mechanism that helps you adapt to changes, face challenges in a positive manner and pick yourself up when experiencing setbacks in life.

Be Happy
Sometimes it can be very trying to handle the stresses coming from the environment around you. Make up your mind to be happy. You can choose to take pleasure in life despite life’s many imperfections. When you are happy, you will find little joys in the simple things in life.

Be Active
Having regular exercises not only keeps you physically fit but also helps in regulating your moods and makes you feel better.

Make Friends
Just like your family, good friends can also act as a pillar of support by lending a listening ear or offering advice to you in times of need. Building strong and positive relationships with them will give you a sense of being connected and ensure that you are not alone.

Love Yourself
Learn to treat yourself well. When you love and value yourself, you also increase your self-confidence and capacity to care for and love others.

Cultivating a Healthy Mind for a Healthy Life

• Both your physical health and mental health can affect your overall health.
• Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body.
• Start developing positive mental health practices to help you achieve mental well-being. It may take some time to adjust to such practices but the results can be rewarding.

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