A new era has come for us to see a greater success of robotics in non-industrial environments. Browse through these books to see how intelligent and autonomous robots are deployed for tasks such as manufacturing, homecare, surgery, search and rescue, surveillance, exploration, and security missions.
Artificial tactile sensing
R857 T32 N162
FIRST robots : rack ‘n’ roll : behind the design : 30 profiles of award-winning robot designs
TJ211 W667
Haptics for teleoperated surgical robotic systems
R857 R63 H252
Practical and experimental robotics
TJ211 S131
Professional Microsoft robotics developer studio
TJ211 J65
Programming Microsoft Robotics studio
TJ211.35 M849
Robot programmer’s bonanza
TJ211 B642
Robotic surgery
RD73 S785 R666
Robotics in urologic surgery
RD571 R666
Robotics : state of the art and future challenges
TJ211 B424
Wearable robots : biomechatronic exoskeletons
R857 R63 W362
Wired for war : the robotics revolution and conflict in the twenty-first century
UG450 S617