weekly_highlights_main_chemical1Chemical engineering largely covers the design, improvement and maintenance of processes involving chemical or biological transformations for large-scale manufacture. Chemical engineers have to ensure that processes are operated safely, sustainably and economically. Get more information from these books at the Library.

Albright’s chemical engineering handbook
TP151 A342
Chemical process calculations : lecture notes
TP155.7 A837
Encyclopedia of reagents for organic synthesis
QD77 E56
Fundamentals of environmental chemistry
TD193 M266
Guidelines for hazard evaluation procedures
TP155.5 G946
Guidelines for the management of change for process safety
TP150 S24 G946
Handbook of fuel cells : fundamentals technology and applications
TK2931 H236
Incidents that define process safety
TP155.5 A868
The management of chemical process development in the pharmaceutical industry
RS403 W178
Thermal safety of chemical processes : risk assessment and process design
TP150 S24 S872
Wind energy : renewable energy and the environment

TJ820 N431

A working guide to process equipment
TP157 L716