November 2009

This week, we are highlighting books relevant to aspiring animators. Adobe Flash CS4, Animating with Blender, Digital Animation or Maya for games? Which is your pick?

Action! : acting lessons for CG animators
TR897.7 K96
Adobe Flash CS4 Professional : classroom in a book<
QA76.575 C559
Adobe Flash CS4 professional digital classroom
TK5105.8885 D59 G355
After Effects Expressions
TR858 G296
Animating with Blender : how to create short animations from start to finish
TR897.7 H586
Becoming a digital designer : a guide to careers in web, video, broadcast, game, + animation design
T65.3 H477
Blender for dummies
T385 V217
Character animation with Poser Pro
TR897.7 M681
Digital animation
TR897.7 C548
Drawing for animation
NC1765 W455
Flash CS4 all-in-one for dummies
TR897.7 S131
Flash CS4 Professional
TK5105.8885 F59 B988
Game art complete : all-in-one : learn Maya, 3d Max, zBrush, and Photoshop winning techniques
QA76.76 C672 G192
Introducing Maya 2009
TR897.7 D427
Maya for games : modeling and texturing techniques with Maya and Mudbox
TR897.7 I54
New perspectives on Adobe Flash CS3 professional : comprehensive
TR897.7 L864

Just as we need to eat the right food and exercise regularly to feel well physically, we also need to look after our mental well-being.

How to improve your mental well-being?

Good mental health isn’t something you have but something you do. To be mentally healthy, you must value and accept yourself.

Mental Well-being is a state of positive mental health in which one:

• realises their abilities
• copes with the normal stresses of life
• works productively and fruitfully
• makes a positive contribution to their community

With mental well-being, one can have the capacity to enjoy life to the fullest and deal with the
normal stresses and challenges of life constructively.

Here are some tips for you to develop positive mental health practices:

Build resilience
Resilience is a coping mechanism that helps you adapt to changes, face challenges in a positive manner and pick yourself up when experiencing setbacks in life.

Be Happy
Sometimes it can be very trying to handle the stresses coming from the environment around you. Make up your mind to be happy. You can choose to take pleasure in life despite life’s many imperfections. When you are happy, you will find little joys in the simple things in life.

Be Active
Having regular exercises not only keeps you physically fit but also helps in regulating your moods and makes you feel better.

Make Friends
Just like your family, good friends can also act as a pillar of support by lending a listening ear or offering advice to you in times of need. Building strong and positive relationships with them will give you a sense of being connected and ensure that you are not alone.

Love Yourself
Learn to treat yourself well. When you love and value yourself, you also increase your self-confidence and capacity to care for and love others.

Cultivating a Healthy Mind for a Healthy Life

• Both your physical health and mental health can affect your overall health.
• Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body.
• Start developing positive mental health practices to help you achieve mental well-being. It may take some time to adjust to such practices but the results can be rewarding.

(1) ABC of mental health / edited by Teifion Davies, Tom Craig.
2nd ed. Chichester, UK ; Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell/BMJ Books, 2009.

(2) Managing your mind : the mental fitness guide / Gillian Butler and Tony Hope.
2nd ed. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.

(3) The worrywart’s companion: twenty-one ways to soothe yourself and worry smart / by Beverly Potter. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2009.

A new era has come for us to see a greater success of robotics in non-industrial environments. Browse through these books to see how intelligent and autonomous robots are deployed for tasks such as manufacturing, homecare, surgery, search and rescue, surveillance, exploration, and security missions.
Artificial tactile sensing
R857 T32 N162
FIRST robots : rack ‘n’ roll : behind the design : 30 profiles of award-winning robot designs
TJ211 W667
Haptics for teleoperated surgical robotic systems
R857 R63 H252
Practical and experimental robotics
TJ211 S131
Professional Microsoft robotics developer studio
TJ211 J65
Programming Microsoft Robotics studio
TJ211.35 M849
Robot programmer’s bonanza
TJ211 B642
Robotic surgery
RD73 S785 R666
Robotics in urologic surgery
RD571 R666
Robotics : state of the art and future challenges
TJ211 B424
Wearable robots : biomechatronic exoskeletons
R857 R63 W362
Wired for war : the robotics revolution and conflict in the twenty-first century
UG450 S617

If you have a keen interest in Life Sciences topics, this is your week! We have included titles on genomics, gene therapy, drug development and other topics for this week’s selection of books.

Community pharmacy : symptoms, diagnosis and treatment
RA427.9 R982
Essentials of medical genomics
RB155 B879
Food regulation : law, science, policy, and practice
KF3875 F742
Gene family targeted molecular design
RM301.3 G45 G326
Gene therapy immunology
RB155.8 G326
Genomics in drug discovery and development
RM301.3 G45 S471
Handbook of probiotics and prebiotics
QR171 I6 H236
Handbook of RNA biochemistry
QP623 H236
Intellectual property rights and the life science industries :past, present and future
K1401 D975
Introduction to plant physiology
QK711.2 H796
Machine learning in bioinformatics
QH324.2 M149
Microbiology : a system approach
QR41.2 C874
Molecular & cell biology for dummies
QH506 K89
Nuclear receptors in drug metabolism
RM301.55 N964
Pharmacy and the U.S. health care system
RA401 A3 P536
Prebiotics and probiotics
QR171 I6 P922
Prediction of protein structures, functions, and interactions
QP551 P923
Protein engineering handbook
TP248.65 P76 P967
Single molecule dynamics in life science
QH317 S617
Strategies for organic drug synthesis and design
RS403 L473

Visit the Library Cafe to enjoy the performance put up by our students on 11 November ’09, 12 noon to 1 pm.

weekly_highlights_main_chemical1Chemical engineering largely covers the design, improvement and maintenance of processes involving chemical or biological transformations for large-scale manufacture. Chemical engineers have to ensure that processes are operated safely, sustainably and economically. Get more information from these books at the Library.

Albright’s chemical engineering handbook
TP151 A342
Chemical process calculations : lecture notes
TP155.7 A837
Encyclopedia of reagents for organic synthesis
QD77 E56
Fundamentals of environmental chemistry
TD193 M266
Guidelines for hazard evaluation procedures
TP155.5 G946
Guidelines for the management of change for process safety
TP150 S24 G946
Handbook of fuel cells : fundamentals technology and applications
TK2931 H236
Incidents that define process safety
TP155.5 A868
The management of chemical process development in the pharmaceutical industry
RS403 W178
Thermal safety of chemical processes : risk assessment and process design
TP150 S24 S872
Wind energy : renewable energy and the environment

TJ820 N431

A working guide to process equipment
TP157 L716

This exhibition showcases the posters done by Year 1 students from the School of Chemical Life Sciences (Chemical). Find out more about chemical process unit operations and biology in drugs as well as in our environment at this joint exhibition @ NYP Library.

Related library books are on display for browsing and borrowing.

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