weekly_highlights_main_computergame1Don’t just play computer games, learn how to program your own! Browse through these game programming resources in the Library that provide more extensive information on game programming.

3D game environments : create professional 3D game worlds
QA76.76 C672 A285
ActionScript 3.0 game programming university
QA76.76 C672 R816
Advanced 2D game development
QA76.76 C672 H255
Beginning Java game programming
QA76.76 C672 H255
The best of game programming gems
QA76.76 C672 B561
Collaborative online game creation
QA76.76 C672 S971
Creating game art for 3D engines
QA76.76 C672 S923
Fundamentals of network game development
QA76.76 C672 L461
Game creation for teens
QA76.76 C672 D213
Game development essentials : game artificial intelligence
QA76.76 C672 A285
Game development essentials : game level design
QA76.76 C672 C352
Game development essentials : game play mechanics
QA76.76 C672 D924
Game feel : a game designer’s guide to virtual sensation
QA76.9 H85 S978
Game graphics programming
QA76.76 C672 S553
The game production handbook
QA76.76 C672 C455 
Game programming for teens
QA76.76 C672 S495 
Game programming gems 7
QA76.76 C672 G192
Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 unleashed
QA76.76 C672 C323
Nintendo Wii Flash game creator’s guide : design, develop, and share your games online
QA76.76 C672 P451 
Scratch programming for teens
QA76.165 F699 
ShaderXp6 advanced rendering techniques
QA76.76 C672 S527
Torque for teens
QA76.76 C672 D866
Video game design revealed
QA76.76 C672 L461
World of Warcraft programming : a guide and reference for creating WoW addons
QA76.76 C672 W592