weekly_highlights_main_reference1Do you want to learn more about hidden forms, how you can see and understand ordinary everyday things around you? Do you want to know more about the history of interior design? What about the 3D graphic space? If your answer is yes, come visit the Library and check read these titles in our Design Collection.

1000 bags, tags & labels : distinctive design for every industry
NC1002 L3 E37
American visual culture
NX503 R261
Comic book design
NC1764 M654
Creature features : draw amazing monsters & aliens NC1764.8 M65 M385
Design meets disability
NK1110 P982
Elemental magic : the art of special effects animation
NC1765 G475
Figure drawing for dummies
NC765 O41
The fundamentals of interior design
NK2110 D647
The fundamentals of product design
TS171 M877
Goblinoids : how to draw and paint goblins, orcs and other dark creatures
NC825 F25 P985
Hidden forms : seeing and understanding things
TS171.6 C642
History of interior design
NK1710 I65
I miss my pencil : a design exploration
NK1510 B712
Limited edition : prototypes, one-offs and design art furniture
NK2231 L911
Mass production
TS171 M414
Material thoughts
TS171.4 B815
Office architecture + design
NA6230 M551
Patricia Urquiola
NK1452 Z9 P314
Spatial design
NA2765 E96
Three D : graphic spaces
NC998.4 T531
Thunderbolt illustration
NC1001 T535
Tiny houses
NA7126 Z46
Virtual typography
Z246 H654
Works in progress : graphics for visual presentations
NC998.6 J3 A659