October 2009

weekly_highlights_main_computergame1Don’t just play computer games, learn how to program your own! Browse through these game programming resources in the Library that provide more extensive information on game programming.

3D game environments : create professional 3D game worlds
QA76.76 C672 A285
ActionScript 3.0 game programming university
QA76.76 C672 R816
Advanced 2D game development
QA76.76 C672 H255
Beginning Java game programming
QA76.76 C672 H255
The best of game programming gems
QA76.76 C672 B561
Collaborative online game creation
QA76.76 C672 S971
Creating game art for 3D engines
QA76.76 C672 S923
Fundamentals of network game development
QA76.76 C672 L461
Game creation for teens
QA76.76 C672 D213
Game development essentials : game artificial intelligence
QA76.76 C672 A285
Game development essentials : game level design
QA76.76 C672 C352
Game development essentials : game play mechanics
QA76.76 C672 D924
Game feel : a game designer’s guide to virtual sensation
QA76.9 H85 S978
Game graphics programming
QA76.76 C672 S553
The game production handbook
QA76.76 C672 C455 
Game programming for teens
QA76.76 C672 S495 
Game programming gems 7
QA76.76 C672 G192
Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.0 unleashed
QA76.76 C672 C323
Nintendo Wii Flash game creator’s guide : design, develop, and share your games online
QA76.76 C672 P451 
Scratch programming for teens
QA76.165 F699 
ShaderXp6 advanced rendering techniques
QA76.76 C672 S527
Torque for teens
QA76.76 C672 D866
Video game design revealed
QA76.76 C672 L461
World of Warcraft programming : a guide and reference for creating WoW addons
QA76.76 C672 W592 

weekly_highlights_main_reference1Do you want to learn more about hidden forms, how you can see and understand ordinary everyday things around you? Do you want to know more about the history of interior design? What about the 3D graphic space? If your answer is yes, come visit the Library and check read these titles in our Design Collection.

1000 bags, tags & labels : distinctive design for every industry
NC1002 L3 E37
American visual culture
NX503 R261
Comic book design
NC1764 M654
Creature features : draw amazing monsters & aliens NC1764.8 M65 M385
Design meets disability
NK1110 P982
Elemental magic : the art of special effects animation
NC1765 G475
Figure drawing for dummies
NC765 O41
The fundamentals of interior design
NK2110 D647
The fundamentals of product design
TS171 M877
Goblinoids : how to draw and paint goblins, orcs and other dark creatures
NC825 F25 P985
Hidden forms : seeing and understanding things
TS171.6 C642
History of interior design
NK1710 I65
I miss my pencil : a design exploration
NK1510 B712
Limited edition : prototypes, one-offs and design art furniture
NK2231 L911
Mass production
TS171 M414
Material thoughts
TS171.4 B815
Office architecture + design
NA6230 M551
Patricia Urquiola
NK1452 Z9 P314
Spatial design
NA2765 E96
Three D : graphic spaces
NC998.4 T531
Thunderbolt illustration
NC1001 T535
Tiny houses
NA7126 Z46
Virtual typography
Z246 H654
Works in progress : graphics for visual presentations
NC998.6 J3 A659

Eu Tong Sen (1877 – 1941) was a prominent community leader with a street name after him in Singapore. Nicknamed the “King of Tin”, he was not only a leading businessman in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, but also a notable philanthropist who had made uncountable contributions to several causes. His name is also synonymous to the 130 years old medical shop Eu Yan Sang.


 Visit the Library today to learn about the extraordinary life of Eu Tong Sen, one of the wealthiest person in the region. Come and be inspired by his unwavering belief in the care for mankind, and his passions in life.


Related library books are on display for browsing and borrowing.

weekly_highlights<a Uncover the fun and joy in beading and jewellery making. Craft them from your creativity and present them to your loved ones and friends for this festive season. And to all our Indian friends, we like to wish you "Happy Deepavali"!

TT212 M621
Beading with pearls : beautiful jewelry, simple techniques
TT860 B365
Decorative knot craft : over 20 innovative knotting & macramé accessories
TT840 R66 K49
Felt, fabric, and fiber jewelry : 20 beautiful projects to bead, stitch, knot, and braid
TT212 H111
Felt jewelry : 25 pieces to make using a variety of simple felting techniques
TT849.5 S439
Jewelry & beading designs for dummies
TT212 D611
Junk jewelry : 25 extraordinary designs to create from ordinary objects
TT212 E37
Perfect match : earring designs for every occasion
TT212 S415
Precious metal clay : 25 gorgeous designs for jewelry and gifts
TT213 A761
Wire jewelry
TT212 M621
Wire jewelry workshop : techniques for working with wire and beads
TT212 R264
Wrap, stitch, fold & rivet : making designer metal jewelry
TT212 H591
Our Library colleague, who is an avid traveller, took countless photos during his trips to China. Take a peek at some of the spectacular historical sites covered during his most recent trip this year along the awesome and intriguing Silk Road.

Terra Cotta Warriors

Located in Xi’an, the world famous Qin Terra Cotta Army Museum is a treasure house of history that showcases thousands of clay warriors and horses unearthed near Qin’s mausoleum along with a huge collection of ancient weapons. Today, it is often described as the eighth wonder of the world.

Terra Cotta Pit No. 1IMG_5244
A close-up view of some of the Warriors
Magao Caves
The Magao Caves is situated at a strategic point along the Silk Route, 25km from downtown Dunhuang on the eastern slop of Mingsha Shan (Mount Echoing Sand). The 492 cells and caves sanctuaries in Magao are famous for their statues and wall paintings, spanning 1,000 years of Buddhist art.  
Magao Caves

Jiayuguan Pass
Jiayuguan Pass is the main part of the western end of the Great Wall built in the Ming Dynasty. It is located at the foot of Jiayuguan Hill, between two hills of which the Pass lies. The Pass is also known as the “The First and Greatest Pass under the Heaven”.
Jiayuguan PassIMG_5021
Fortress Walls, JiayuguanIMG_5027

Flaming Mountain

The Flaming Mountain is largely made up of bare red sand stone hills and is located on the northern edge of the Turpan Basin. As one of the hottest place on earth, there are no traces of plants or animals on the hills of Flaming Mountain. When the region gets so hot, you can see dozens of the red rock hills look like flaming fire balls under the blazing sun, hence, it’s name – Flaming Mountain. Do you know that the Flaming Mountain is made famous by the ancient Chinese classic novel “Journey to the West” and it’s charming hero – the Monkey King?
Flaming Mountain
Camels at the base of Flaming MountainIMG_4819

Have you been to any of the above places? If you have, we love to hear from you.
Here are some related Library books:
The Silk Road :
from Xi’an to Kashgar
DS793 S6 B699
The Terracotta Army :
China’s first emperor
and the birth of a nation
DS747.9 Q254 M266
The seventy wonders of China
DS712 S497
DS705 C539
Frommer’s China
DS705 S932
DS712 H293

top_bannerAmidst the changing economic situation, the best tool we could have is knowledge. Learn more about financial planning, financial managment, capital markets and more with these new titles in our collection.

Finance : capital markets, financial management, and investment management
HG173 F121
Finance director’s handbook
KD2094 M876
Financial accounting
HG5636 F491
Financial accounting
HF5636 L694
Financial and managerial accounting : information for decisions
HF5635 W668
Financial modelling in practice : a concise guide for intermediate and advanced level
HG106 R328
Financial planning using Excel : forecasting planning and budgeting techniques
HG179 N968
Financial statement analysis and security valuation
HF5681 B2 P411
Market risk analysis : quantitative methods in finance
HG6024 A3 A375